Windsor’s Irish Legacy

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Everyone pretends to be a wee bit Irish on March 17, but Windsor has a stronger connection to the Emerald Isle than one day of shamrocks and green attire. In fact, Irish immigrants flocked to Windsor during the 19th century looking for work and a safe place to raise their families. Twenty percent of Windsor’s population was first or second-generation Irish by 1860.

Connecticut Steps Up: World War I

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With Christine Pittsley, Project Director for Remembering World War I Project at Connecticut State Library. The Society’s Windsor Reacts to World War I exhibit shows how our town contributed to and commemorated the war effort; Pittsley will provide perspective on other Connecticut towns and cities.

Wartime Shorts

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The four short sketches below are examples of how World War I touched Windsor and its residents. For more stories, visit the Society’s exhibition "The Changing Face of War" on view in the our Hands-On Learning Center until September, 2017.