We are happy to conduct research for patrons who are unable to come in and use the library in person. We have a dedicated group of volunteer researchers who will strive to answer your research queries as best as we can. Please be aware that it may take a couple weeks to receive a response from us, especially during this pandemic when much of our staff and volunteers are working from home.

Research Inquiries

Should be directed to librarian/archivist Michelle Tom, either by email, phone, regular mail (see contact info in the footer of this page), Windsor Historical Society’s Facebook page, or as a comment on this website. Please include:

  • Email address
  • Daytime phone number
  • Mailing address
  • Maximum research and photocopy fees that you are willing to pay

Research Tips

  • Be specific in your questions. For example:
    • “I’m trying to find evidence that Consider Moseley (born c.1675) is the son  of John Moseley (also spelled Modesley, Maudsley, etc.)” instead of “What do you have on Consider Moseley?”
  • Include any contextual information you know, such as:
    • birth, death, or marriage dates
    • places lived
    • names of spouse(s), parents, children, etc.
  • If you have already done research in any online databases like, let us know so we don’t tread the same ground

Research Fees

We will bill you after completing the research or meeting your maximum fee, whichever comes first. Please make checks payable to Windsor Historical Society or contact us for credit card or PayPal payments.

First hour: Free
Each additional hour: $20 members  |  $30 nonmembers
Photocopies: $0.25 each
Postage: $3.00 minimum