Below you will find our current list of established field trips that we host at Windsor Historical Society. In addition to providing these programs we are willing to work with schools to alter existing programs or develop new programming that aligns with your specific expectations for field trips.
Pricing: The cost for all field trips and in classroom programming is $5 per student attending. Teachers and Chaperones are not required to pay to attend field trips.

Ask a Historian

Grades K-8  |  Approximate Length: 45 minutes
In-Class or Virtual Program

Do your students want to know what a classroom looked like 50 years ago? 100? Or which house is the oldest in town? Perhaps they’re curious about old cars, trains, or boats. Do they wonder how people made a living in the past? Or about the games that children played? In this program, students will send in their questions about Windsor’s past.

Then, one of our educators will prepare a presentation answering those questions using photographs, letters, ledgers, and other primary source documents from the Windsor Historical Society Archives.

The presentation can be done either in the classroom or virtually. Questions must be submitted 2 weeks prior to the presentation to give our team time to find the answers.

This program costs $75 per presentation. Additional presentations for the same school cost $50 each.

Annie’s Home

Grades 3-5  |  Approximate Length: 2 hours

Come learn about life in after the Revolutionary War through the eyes of nine year old Annie Howard. Experience the Howard family through their beautiful, hands-on home, explore Grandpa Howard’s store, and send a letter through time with our early Winsor post office.   In this two-hour program, students will discover what life was like for a child 200 years ago,  learn about early American economics, try their hand at the quill pen, and have some old-timey fun.

Curious about Annie? Check out her book in our gift shop.

Colonial Life in Windsor*

Grades 3 & 8  |  Approximate Length: 3 hours

How did colonists keep warm, light their homes, and cross rivers? Students will learn about Windsor’s early settlers and how daily life in colonial Connecticut differed from modern times. This is our most popular program! Colonial Life in Windsor can be adapted for different ages and grade levels, including mixed-age homeschool and summer camp groups. To learn more about adapting this program to suit your students’ curriculum objectives, please inquire.

Revolution in Windsor*

Grade 5 |  Approximate Length: 3 hours

Explore the causes and effects of the Revolutionary War and its relationship to Windsor. Battlefront letters, supply lists, and reproduction artifacts tell how soldiers and their families in Windsor coped with the War for Independence.