March 25, 2020 update: Windsor Historical Society will be closed through April 22, in compliance with Governor Malloy’s executive order. We will continue to assess the situation and will communicate our status accordingly.

Our public programs for March and April are canceled or postponed; future dates to be determined.

Original March 12, 2020 article:

As the nation, state, and our localities respond to the evolving COVID-19 coronavirus conditions, we too have been working over the past two weeks to stay ahead of the curve on the situation in the interest of protecting our members, guests, volunteers, and staff. To date we have:

  • Installed hand sanitizer at the front desk and staff areas
  • Regularly cleaned public-contact surfaces (front desk, phones, kitchen, etc.)
  • Implemented a work-at-home policy and provided remote access information to encourage staff to self-quarantine if appropriate
  • Temporarily removed hands-on activities from exhibits, temporarily closed hands-on-history learning center/meeting room, and made house tours a “hands-off” experience [update: the museum will be closed altogether through April 4]
  • Canceled the March 21 Hearth Cooking program and are currently reviewing future programs for cancellation or postponement (April 8 Shad Derby Trivia Contest, April 18 Book Launch and April 25 House Tour). We plan to make decisions about these programs no later than March 20 in order to use our upcoming newsletter to communicate the new information. [update: the museum will be closed altogether through April 4]

We will continue to monitor local and statewide conditions and respond accordingly, and will keep members and the public informed as best possible through our website, social media, and print materials.