In this column, we are featuring one of the invaluable education volunteers who make it possible for us to host our
various field trips and education-based programs. It is a privilege and honor to work together with all of our education volunteers to share Windsor’s history with students throughout the region.

How long have you volunteered for WHS?
About 8 years. I started volunteering at the same time that Christina Vida (the Society’s last educator) was hired.

What initially attracted you to becoming an educational volunteer?
When my children were in elementary school I enjoyed helping out in their classrooms. I thought being an education volunteer would be a good way to continue helping others now that my children have grown up.

What do you like most about volunteering for field trips at WHS?
I enjoy meeting the students and teachers. With each field trip I learn something new. Sometimes it’s historical, but usually it’s more about pop culture. For instance a recent group of fifth graders taught me about the video game Fortnite!

What is the most memorable question a student has asked you during a field trip?
It wasn’t actually a question, but one eighth grade girl told me she would not have wanted to live in colonial times, but if she had to have lived back then she would have wanted “to be an Indian and run around naked!” I told the student that the Native American women did wear clothes, (otherwise they would be quite cold!) although their clothes were not as cumbersome as the clothes the colonial women wore.

Do you have any advice for someone interested in becoming an education volunteer?
Just do it! The field trips are well planned. There are detailed lesson plans that are easy to follow, so you don’t need a teaching background to volunteer. You will learn interesting facts about Windsor. You will also find that Windsor schools have some wonderful students – intelligent, respectful, and eager to learn!


Photo by Michelle Tom.