The Society Board of Directors elected new Board members and officers in June, including the first Black Board president in our 102-year history! Pictured here are (from left to right) Lance Hall, Secretary Daniel Crittenden, Sarah Gilligan, David Pugliese, Vice President Liz Burke, and President Randy McKenney.
Not available for the photo were Treasurer Mark Walker, Assistant Treasurer Randy Graff, and incoming Board member Hilary Carpenter.

Normally Windsor Historical Society helps people explore the town’s diverse history. Last month we made a little of our own. On June 12, the Society’s Board of Directors elected four new members and a new slate of officers. The Board’s new president, Randy McKenney, is the Society’s first Black president in its 102-year history. Randy recognizes the symbolism of this milestone.

“I’m thrilled to serve the Society in this role, especially with this great group of people at this time in our organization’s history,” he notes. “We’ve charted a significant new course over the past three years, and it’s important that the whole Windsor community sees Society leadership that represents them.”

McKenney is joined by Vice President Liz Burke, Secretary Daniel Crittenden, Treasurer Mark Walker and Assistant Treasurer Randy Graff. The Society’s four newest board members are Hilary Carpenter, Sarah Gilligan, Lance Hall, and David Pugliese, who join re-elected board members McKenney and Walter Stevenson as the Board class of 2023.

People of color now comprise 47% of Windsor Historical Society’s 17-person Board of Directors, which also includes two student representatives, according to Executive Director Doug Shipman.

“We have worked hard over the past three years to become a more inclusive organization and more representative of the Windsor community in all aspects,” remarks Shipman “It’s a long-term process, and we still have much more work to do. Our goal is that all Windsor people see themselves reflected in their shared history here and experience the Society as a vital part of their community.”

Stepping down from the Board after many years of dedicated leadership are Kathy Carroll, Jim Welsh, John Berky, and Agnes Pier. John and Agnes have both served as Board President, overseeing many changes, including the campaign to restore and reinterpret the Strong-Howard House, an executive director transition, and the ongoing effort to build a more inclusive organization. Each outgoing Board member was recognized during a June 21 Board Member and Volunteer Appreciation Reception.

By Doug Shipman, executive director