In this column, we are featuring one of the invaluable volunteers who supplement and complement the work of our paid staff in so many ways. It is a privilege and honor to work together to preserve and share Windsor’s history.

When did you start volunteering at the Society?

I started volunteering a little over a year ago [2016].

What inspired you to be a volunteer?

I had been a member of the Windsor Historical Society for some time, having done genealogical research on my own family quite a few years ago. Having retired a few years ago and then seeing a call for volunteers at the Society I decided to attend the training to find out what kind of volunteer activities were available. I also participated in a program with the Connecticut Valley School of Woodworking and a drop-leaf table that I made is currently a part of the Strong-Howard House.

What do you like most about volunteering at WHS?

Volunteering in the research library, I like the challenge of trying to solve the puzzles that get presented to us on a regular basis. I also enjoy meeting others who are interested in their own ancestry research and in meeting people to whom I also might be related.

Do you have a connection to Windsor history?

I am the 7th great grandson of Anthony Hoskins (1632-1707), an early resident of Windsor, and through various
maternal sides of the family. I am related to two founders: William Filley and Joseph Loomis. Although there is some doubt about this, there is a possibility that Anthony was also related to John Hoskins, who is a founder of Windsor. In addition, on the maternal side I am related to Robert Day, one of the founders of Hartford.

Do you have any advice for someone interested in volunteering but might be nervous about getting started?

The staff at the Society are very helpful in both training you and in finding the right kind of volunteering opportunity for you. You also get a chance to try out various kinds of opportunities before you are turned loose. You can “shadow” more experienced volunteers to see what it is like and then choose what you want to do. There is also a well-documented training guide for volunteers that I found quite helpful, particularly if you want to conduct tours of the two historical houses of the Society.


Photo by Michelle Tom, 2017.