Chasing Toto: An Attempted Remembering of the “Windsor Indian”

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According to legend, on October 4, 1675, Toto "the Windsor Indian" learned of a surprise attack on the city of Springfield being planned by King Philip’s soldiers. In response to this news, Toto ran 20 miles to sound the alarm, thereby saving the people of Springfield from a massacre. But the legend conjures up several questions for the historical record.

Founders’ Series: Jonathan Brewster, Adventurer and Alchemist

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Windsor founder Jonathan Brewster’s time in our town was brief, but pivotal. He was Plymouth Colony’s resident agent here, and in 1635 he penned a letter to Governor William Bradford expressing his concern over the influx of newcomers into the fledgling settlement. He wrote, “Ye Massachusetts men are coming almost dayly...some have a great mind to ye place we are upon...I shall doe what I can to withstand them.”


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