Throughout its history, Connecticut has frequently led all states in the average number of U.S. patents awarded per person. The list of products invented there is stunning—from the lollipop, cupcake and Frisbee to the dirigible, helicopter, and submarine. The workplace improved with tape measures, portable typewriters, postage meters and elevators. American consumers benefited from sewing machines, diapers, ironing boards, vacuum cleaners, can openers, lawn mowers and flat-bottomed paper bags. Pioneering surgeon William Beaumont and Nobel Prize winner Dr. Barbara McClintock both hail from the Nutmeg State. Join local author Peter Hubbard as he reveals Connecticut’s role in the invention of the Hubble Space Telescope, vaccines, the Internet and much more.

Peter Hubbard is a computer information systems instructor at Post University in Waterbury, Connecticut. His background is in Internet research, cybersecurity, and web design. He was born in Connecticut and has lived in New Haven County for more than thirty years.

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