By Daniel Mack, M.D.

There are many ways to memorialize and record a family’s history. Dr. Dan Mack, who delivered over 8,000 babies in his career as a physician, is a well-known figure in Windsor. In 1974, the home he had grown up in was destroyed by fire. Faye Delia Mack, Dan’s mother, perished in that fire and many family possessions were lost. But memories of a rich and wonderful childhood persisted in photographs and in Dan’s mind. In his retirement Dan took up paintbrushes and began to set his memories down on paper. “I began making sketches of all the things I could remember about the houses and the people from the time of my birth until I went off to college,” Mack said. “That’s what I have ‘ fragments of experience, some sentimental, some mildly humorous’ but all relevant to the people that lived on Mack Street at that time.” This book is a compilation of his paintings and memories. Spiral bound.

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