Florence Ellsworth

Florence Ellsworth at age 100, 1993. WHS collections 1993.102.1, gift of Elizabeth Parker

Florence Loomis Ellsworth

An Interview with Florence Loomis Ellsworth (1893-1996)

With Carol Ann Stephenson
March 15, 1988
WHS collections 1988.7.1

This interview was conducted at Florence Loomis Ellsworth’s home at 33 Spring Street, Windsor, CT in 1988. Florence is the daughter of George Washington Loomis and Mary (Sibley) Loomis. She married Windsor native Philip F. Ellsworth in 1918. Carol Ann was on the staff of the Windsor Historical Society. Florence shares stories of growing up in Westfield, MA, training to be a teacher, her father-in-law’s business at the Windsor Cannery, and early years operating the Windsor Historical Society out of the Strong-Howard House (then known as the Fyler House).

The full audio recording is 1 hour long and can be heard if you visit the Windsor Historical Society research library, or contact the librarian/archivist Michelle Tom at mtom@windsorhistoricalsociety.org. The transcript for the entire interview is here: full transcript.