Libby Parker

Libby Parker at the front desk, 2012. WHS collections 2012.5.15, photo by Deborah Parker, gift of Elizabeth Parker.

Elizabeth Parker

Elizabeth Bryant Parker: “Growing up in Windsor”

INTERVIEWEE: Elizabeth “Libby” Parker
PLACE: 77 Elm Street, Windsor, CT
DATE: January 15, 2010
TRANSCRIBER: Connie Thomas, February 2010
EDITOR: Barbara Goodwin, April 2010
WHS collections 2010.2

The recording was conducted at Libby’s home (at the time) in Windsor. In this comprehensive interview, she talks about her family history in Windsor (her father, Hilliard Bryant, also conducted a number of the other oral histories in our collection), her social life and growing up in the center of town during her school days in the 1940s, her husband Frank Parker and their family, her and Frank’s involvement in local politics (both were active Republicans), commercial development, and the effects of current events on the town, among many other topics.

Those who experienced Windsor in the mid-20th century will recognize many of the names, restaurants, stores, schools, and other organizations discussed, such as Cozy Corner, First Church, the Plaza Building, V. Marie’s Dress Shop, and Washington Park.

Elizabeth Bryant, 1943 Tunxis yearbook

Elizabeth Bryant’s John Fitch (Windsor) High School senior yearbook photo, 1943. Gift of Elizabeth Parker.

Libby and Frank Parker, 1950s. WHS collections 2016.3.4, gift of Gordon Kenneson and Elizabeth Parker.

The full audio recording is 2 hours long and can be heard if you visit the Windsor Historical Society research library, or contact the librarian/archivist Michelle Tom at The transcript for the entire interview is here: full transcript.