Clapp, Grace Lucretia
Grace grew up in Windsor's Hayden Station neighborhood, which was named for her ancestors. In her 80s, she recorded this paper she wrote describing the accomplishments of many residents who built homes, businesses, and organizations there.


Ellsworth, Florence Loomis
Florence Ellsworth lived to age 103 and was associated with the Society at its inception in 1921. In 1988, at the youthful age of 94, she shared her memories collected over many years.


Lee, Audrey
This wide-ranging interview covers Audrey's school years in Hartford and Windsor, the Wilson neighborhood, his experiences in the Civilian Conservation Corps, friendship with Winthrop Rockefeller, and much more.


Parker, Elizabeth
Libby talks about her social life and growing up in the center of town during her school days in the 1940s, her and her husband Frank's involvement in town politics, and the effects of current events on the town, among many other topics.


Parkinson, Carlton
Carl discusses attending a school in West Hartford in the late 1960s, his Jamaican immigrant father who worked as a cook on Windsor tobacco farms, and working in tobacco himself, among other topics.


Taylor, Vesta Spencer
Vesta's interview mainly concerned the life of her father, Christopher Miner Spencer, and his many accomplishments, including his repeating rifle and automatic screw machine.


Wilson, Leland P.
L. P. Wilson talks about obtaining the Fyler House for the Windsor Historical Society, the origins of Windsor's first Town Hall, and early taxes.


Builder: Job Loomis
Year Built: 1825
Address: 901 Windsor Ave.
Extant: Yes


Builder: Ira Loomis Jr.
Year Built: 1833
Address: 1053 Windsor Ave.
Extant: Yes

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