In celebration of its 100th anniversary, Windsor Historical Society invites you to explore its past century through a new exhibit of fascinating images and surprises! The exhibit recounts the Society’s history, celebrating the many people and stories that led to it becoming one of the premier local history organizations in Connecticut.

Visitors will learn about the first historical artifacts the Society acquired, why it has a piece of the original Plymouth Rock, and how one earned a place within the prestigious “Golden Record.” Among the fascinating many stories featured is the Society’s unusual connection to President Ulysses Grant, as well as documents signed by Presidents Thomas Jefferson and John Adams. Guests may also learn about the Society’s most iconic item of the 1930s – how it was connected to opera singer James Melton and about its mysterious disappearance.

These and other curious artifacts and stories are all part of Windsor Historical Society’s long and intriguing history, on exhibit now through summer 2022. This newest exhibit as well as the Society’s permanent exhibitions of Windsor history, research library, gift shop, and two beautiful historic homes are open from 11 AM to 4 PM, Wednesday through Saturday.