• Lauren Jones poses with WAACA members
  • WAACA Annual Meeting, June 1988

Do you recognize the names Guy Jacobs, Billie Rodgers, and Willie Graham? What about Lenworth Walker, Tim Curtis, and Florence Barlow? All of these individuals were involved in the Windsor Afro American Civic Association, a community service-based organization dedicated to serving the town’s growing Black population.

In January of 1982, social activist Willie Graham invited eight Black couples to her home to discuss concerns faced by Windsor’s Black community. Along with observing low rates of civic and social engagement among Black residents, Graham believed the school system lacked the financial resources needed to support students of color. To tackles these issues, Graham founded the Windsor Afro American Civic Association, otherwise known as WAACA.

Inspiring Equal Participation: Windsor Afro American Civic Association is an exhibit that tells the story of WAACA and how it impacted the lives of hundreds of Windsor people. From sponsoring Black Shad Derby Queen contestants and offering scholarships to hosting several events to celebrate Black history, WAACA made it their mission to increase the visibility of Black Windsor residents.

Featuring more than a dozen oral history interviews with former members, this exhibit provides an opportunity to explore WAACA’s legacy through the words of those who were directly involved.

Opened February, 2023.


Take a virtual tour of the exhibit!

To navigate the space, simply click on the circles on the floor. You can also click on the media tags located on certain panels to view clips from oral history interviews conducted with former members and associates of WAACA. For a more in depth look at this exhibit, take a look at the extended virtual tour on our YouTube channel.

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