Windsor Afro American Civic Association Collection

WAACA Membership Committee, 1988. WHS collections, 2022.29.1.161.



Founded in 1982 by social activist Willie Graham, the Windsor Afro American Civic Association was a community service-based organization dedicated to serving the town’s Black residents. For over 30 years, the group actively worked to increase the social and political participation of Windsor’s Black population by informing voters about upcoming elections, hosting a variety of fundraising events, and providing scholarships for students.

Scope and Content of the Collection

The Windsor Afro American Civic Association Collection features over 100 photographs and documents collected over the course of WAACA’s life span, which last from 1982 to around the year 2006. It includes meeting minutes, treasurer’s reports, event programs, by-laws, and a variety of physical artifacts that document the organization. This collection also contains oral history interviews conducted with former members and associates of WAACA for our 2023 exhibit Inspiring Equal Participation: Windsor Afro American Civic Association.

Please contact Michelle Tom, the librarian/archivist, if you would like to view items in this collection not available on our website.


WAACA Oral Histories