Windsor Historical Society’s 100th Anniversary Fund

Creating Annie's Home

(left to right) Illustrator Sue Tait Porcaro takes reference photos for upcoming children’s book, Annie’s Home; the photo she took; the final image she drew based on the photo.

A message from our director:

As we approach this season of giving, I’m feeling happy and grateful. We opened the Chaffee House doctor’s office in early November as a hands-on space. It brings 19th-century medical treatments to life with medical texts that can be browsed, and jars, phials and packets of non-toxic medicinal components that can be crushed with a mortar and pestle or rolled up into pills with a pill shaper. Talented craftspeople reproduced an apothecary chest, trestle table, desk, and Windsor chairs for the space. It all was made possible by members and friends who funded this project through 2017’s year-end appeal.

The 2018 year-end appeal is funding the illustrations and production of a children’s book, Annie’s Home, set in the Strong-Howard House in 1810. I wrote the story, and Sue Tait Porcaro’s drawings are just beautiful (see above)! We expect our book to be finished by early next year — again made possible because of the generosity of Windsor Historical Society’s members and friends. We will invite you to our book launch party and hope you will come.

Our 100th anniversary is coming up in 2021 and I have every hope that by early in 2020, we will have hired a wonderful new executive director to carry Windsor Historical Society forward into its second century.

One hundred years of existence is something to mark with celebrations. We’d like to partner with WIN-TV on short videos to make non-accessible spaces in our historic homes available to all. Former Town Manager Al Ilg thinks that an orientation video showcasing all of the wonderful things Windsor offers could make Windsor Historical Society the epicenter of town history. For many years, we hosted an exhibition of student art stimulated by tours of our historic district. What if we opened this idea up further and included words as well as images authored by Windsor residents and friends of all ages? Giant birthday cakes, community open-houses, galas, and more; the possibilities are exciting and fun, but it’s going to cost money.

There is funding available for many well-thought-out and creative initiatives, but most grants require a commitment of matching funds. I propose starting a 100th anniversary fund to be used by Windsor Historical Society staff toward whatever anniversary projects are chosen.

Will you help? You can write a check or make a secure donation online. All gifts will be acknowledged promptly and with gratitude.

As my tenure here draws to a close, I want you to know that it has been such an honor and a joy to work with so many amazing friends of the Society. With you and many others like you supporting our mission, I know we are in good hands.

My best wishes go out to you for a warm and happy holiday season – and future!


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