Windsor Historical Society’s 100th Anniversary Fund

(yes, we turn 100 in 2021!)

Windsor’s 350th birthday party in 1983, when then-Secretary of the State Julia H. Tashjian wielded a saber to cut a cake baked to serve 2,000 people. | WHS collections 1996.55.515, gift of the Town of Windsor

Help us tell Windsor’s stories for the next 100 years!

You can help ensure that future generations learn about Connecticut’s first town through programs, exhibits and collections that only Windsor Historical Society can provide.

Thanks to the generosity of donors like you, Windsor Historical Society’s first 100 years saw its transformation from a group of volunteers that cared deeply about their town’s history to a modern, professionally-run, museum and historical organization.

We’re looking pretty good for a 100-year old, and with your help we can do so much more.

For the past century we have been here to collect, save, and share Windsor’s many stories. Our 100th anniversary will be a celebration of these stories and of the Windsor community. It will also mark the beginning of an exciting new future for the Society and the town.

You can be a part of this celebration. Your support will ensure that 2021 is a year we will all remember, and a bold start for our next century!