Scope and Contents
In many ways, the Subject File is the heart of the Windsor Historical Society Research Library. These
vertical files contain an eclectic mix of newspaper clippings, research notes, ephemera, correspondence,
photos, obituaries, and primary documents pertaining to hundreds of topics in Windsor’s four hundred
year history.

The files also contain extensive cross references to other materials in the breadth of the
Society collections. The Subject Files are arranged alphabetically. Broad categories such as Schools or
local Businesses are subdivided for more targeted research. A particular strength is the Houses series with documentary material by address for over 250 homes, businesses, or now-demolished properties.

The analogous Family File contains similar research materials with folders arranged alphabetically by
surname. The Photograph Files are physically separate, but are ordered with parallel headings to the
Subject and Family Files.

The Subject File Index lists all the folder headings in bold typeface. Extensive cross reference terms in
plain typeface should lead most researchers to the appropriate files. Do not hesitate to consult the library
staff for assistance or additional relevant suggestions. A listing of the surnames in the Family File is in

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