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As part of Connecticut’s FREE Open House day, please join us for a journey back to 1810. On Saturday, June 10, 2017 from 1-4 p.m., step into the Windsor Historical Society’s national award-winning Strong-Howard House, the 1810 home of Captain Nathaniel Howard where yes, you really CAN touch everything. You will be welcomed by the captain and his wife’s cousins Anna and Samuel Bartlett who are helping to prepare for an upcoming family meal.  A fire will be crackling on the hearth as the smells of baking and a delicious planked salmon waft through the house.

Since the Howards’ home is furnished with reproductions of the items they would have used inside, everything is hands-on. Explore the family’s store where Captain Howard will regale you with stories (and may try to sell you some luxury goods). You may be invited to participate and assist in the activities of the household, including helping to prepare for a special family dinner as Captain Howard shows off plates and fine dinnerware. Have you ever shelled peas? It’s fun! The Howards’ four-poster canopy bed is a marvel of comfort and warmth, and family members just might let you take a peek at treasures stored in the family high chest. Mrs. Bartlett will be delighted to share kitchen tips and recipes with you, while Samuel will do his best to lure you into a friendly game of cards or dice.

Enjoy the Strong-Howard House at your own pace, and feel free to ask lots of questions. The experience is different every time you visit and our three hosts are eager to welcome you into their world — inviting you to “come as you can, stay as you will.”  End your visit with delicious home-baked shortbread cookies and lemonade.

To tempt you further to visit, here is what audiences said about their experiences last year:

“…Fabulous experience!”
“The best I’ve ever seen!”
“I loved the hands-on.”
“Kids enjoyed it.”
“I have been in the house before but seeing it in use by those who lived there made all the difference.”

The free afternoon is directed by Kandie Carle and funded in part by a Connecticut Humanities grant.

Dinner for Six

Everyone attending these programs wishes they could sample the food. So grab your chance here! If you are interested in dinner at 5 p.m. ($35, BYOB), please contact the Society at 860-688-3813 to make your reservation. We’ll take the first six people who respond. On the menu: planked salmon, saffron rice, fresh peas, and a tasty dessert. Our hearth-cooked food is delicious!

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