The Bean@226 helpfully gives us the address of the building known to various Windsor generations as the post office, Windsor Drug, and Windsor Donut. 226 Broad St. and its neighbor to the north, 216 Broad St. (which until recently housed the Taste of India restaurant), hold significance as being built specifically for commercial purposes, embodying an era when Broad Street was starting to transform from a residential area to the commercial one we know it to be today.

226 and 216 Broad St., 1892

1892. This is the earliest image we have of these two brick buildings. 226 (on left) was probably built shortly before this photo was taken, and 216 (on right) was built around 1875. | WHS collections 2007.1.31. Photo by Fred Berry.

Old post office, 1906-1925

1906-1925. 226 Broad St. became the home to the first dedicated post office in Windsor by the late-19th century. Before, the local postmasters would hold mail at their houses. The post office moved here by the mid-1890s and stayed until 1924. The upstairs of the building held the offices for Dr. Lester Turney and the Windsor Water Company for at least a couple of decades. | WHS collections 2024.1.3

1917-1918. 216 Broad St. was for years the premises for multiple stores and offices, most prominently in the early-20th century, housing the R.H. Barnes drug store and the Garvan Bros. grocery store. For a short time, it also had an extended second-floor balcony, seen here. | WHS collections 2024.1.1

Windsor Federal Savings Bank and Windsor Drug.

1950 marked the year that 226 Broad got its companion store front, currently with the address of 230 Broad. Its first tenant was none other than the Windsor Federal Savings Bank. | WHS collections 2001.54.81. Photo by Philip F. Ellsworth Jr.

Windsor Drug, Old Town Restaurant on Broad St., 1967

1967. Many who grew up in Windsor in the 50s-70s would recognize these two businesses: Windsor Drug and Old Town Restaurant. The wood paneling to the left cordoned off the demolition zone surrounding the old Town Hall, which was razed that year. | WHS collections 1992.42.41.111. Photo by Adelbert Coe.

Valley Radio and TV, 1979

1979. The 1970s saw a few different businesses quickly pass through 226 Broad. Valley Radio & TV was only there for a year or so, after a stint on Bloomfield Ave. 230 Broad, on the other hand, has steadily been a dentist’s office since Dr. Leo Bruyette Jr. moved in in the early 1970s. | WHS collections 1998.12.1.470. Photo by Adelbert Coe.

Windsor Donut Shoppe and Fern's Restaurant, 1987

1987. A longtime Windsor institution, Windsor Donut Shoppe occupied 226 Broad for over 20 years. 216 Broad continues its tenure as a restaurant through to today. This photo shows Fern’s Restaurant, there for the remainder of the 20th century. | WHS collections 1992.42.41.311. Photo by Adelbert Coe.

By Michelle Tom, librarian/archivist, 2024