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The Librarian’s Brother, Part I

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Upon the 1921 founding of Windsor Historical Society, the very first donation to our collections came from brothers Charles and George Hoadley. When George died the next year, his will included a $5,000 bequest to the Society. But neither brother ever lived in Windsor, and they only had a tangential relationship to the town. This article attempts to tell the story of two donors whose contributions became the foundation of WHS’s collections.

Welcome, Rain!

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I am Rain-Michelle Ifill, but you can call me Rain. I was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York in the late 1980s, migrated to the South to pursue undergraduate studies in African American history [...]

Dr. Primus Manumit, Windsor’s First Black Doctor

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The service of a doctor requires skill, understanding, patience, and knowledge. To become one after being torn from your family and forced into servitude for a man you know nothing of makes the already arduous feat exceptional. In the late 18th century, after years of enslavement Dr. Primus Manumit became Windsor’s first Black doctor.


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