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Christopher Miner Spencer

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Christopher Miner Spencer was an almost compulsive inventor and tinkerer from his childhood into his old age. The people who knew him best describe long hours of puzzling over problems he hoped to solve and designs he hoped to improve on inventions like his rifles, automatic screw machine, steam-powered boat, and automobiles. They also describe a man who was kind, generous, and friendly.

A Booming Business: Transportation of Gunpowder on the Windsor Locks Canal

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Canal transportation was no match for the speed and efficiency of the emerging railroads in the mid-19th century. But while the arrival of the railroad signaled the eventual demise of the Windsor Locks Canal, the decline in shipping on the canal was far more gradual than historians have previously supposed. One product in particular, gunpowder, was shipped through the canal for several decades after the railroad appeared.

19th-Century Eddy Electric Automobile Motors

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The Eddy Electric Mfg. Co. occupied the three-story brick building to the east of the railroad depot in Windsor center. Here they built electric motors and generators from 1885 through 1902. One particular type of product that the company made formed the backbone of some of the world's earliest electric cars.

Windsor Historical Society “Milks” Its Collection

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Antique collecting is a popular American pastime, with an estimated 25 million Americans on the hunt for historic and unique treasures. In 2005, curator Erin Stevic explored the fascinating world of milk bottle collecting and learned about a then recent gift to the Windsor Historical Society.


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