Timely Topics:  Future of Food

October 7       7pm – 9pm



The widely-praised “Timely Topics” series at Windsor Historical Society continues with a look at the future of food production.  The aim of this series is to put a historical spin on issues of current concern and stimulate community dialogue.  Join us on Wednesday, October 7 at 7 p.m. to view the documentary film The Future of Food, produced in 2004.  This will be followed by a panel with three local agriculture experts, Dr. Rich Cowles of the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station here in Windsor, and Hannah Gant and Shannon Raider, who began their one-acre farm business, Four Fields Farm in Hartford this year.


Through much of this country’s history, food was produced locally.  Well into the twentieth century, many families kept kitchen gardens.  Larger scale farms were family-run enterprises.  Fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs were a late spring, summer and early fall treat; root vegetables, home-canned and preserved foods and dried herbs were staples of late fall, winter and early spring menus.  Large scale agricultural corporations, and global economies and distribution systems have expanded and homogenized food choices available to consumers. The Future of Food documentary explores how government deregulations and their consequences have coincided with the introduction of genetically modified grains and vegetables.  Just what are we eating and how did it get that way are questions that guided the documentary makers.


After the film, Dr. Rich Cowles will give us an update on the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station and how it is changing with the times.  His own work includes finding ways to manage insect and mite pests.  Hannah Gant managed farmers’ markets in Hartford and Shannon Raider brought nine years of agricultural experience to the Four Field Farms business.  View the film, ask questions of the experts, and gain insights about the quality of the food you eat and the distribution systems that get it to your table.




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