Roger Wolcott’s Mysterious Ferry

Most people know that there were once two ferries in Windsor: the Rivulet Ferry on the Farmington River and the Bissell Ferry across the Connecticut River. However, there was also another, almost unknown, ferry operating here in the 18th century. It was called the Wolcott Ferry.

Early Main Roads in Windsor

The first public thoroughfare used by the settlers of Windsor in 1633 was an Indian trail between Plymouth Meadow (behind today’s Loomis Chaffee School) and the head of Hartford Meadow near the present village of Wilson. At first it was a simple footpath and was later widened for use by cart and horse.

Bridges and Boats for Kids with Captain Bob

Windsor Historical Society's meeting room and outdoor courtyard will be transformed with boat and ferry models, Legos for building bridges, and outdoor wading ponds for a toy balloon boat race. "Captain" Bob Bell leads the [...]

The Lost Years of Bissell’s Ferry

Many sources, including an official historic marker along Palisado Avenue, will tell you that Windsor’s Bissell’s Ferry operated from 1641-1917. However, when I embarked on research into the ferry I encountered information bringing into [...]

The Windsor Trolley Line: A Brief History

Before public transportation initiatives in the middle of the 19th century, most people of modest means traveled by foot. If you were wealthy, a horse or carriage made things easier. Most people lived and worked [...]