The following individuals, businesses, foundations, and granting agencies made gifts to support general operating costs, programs, and exhibitions at the Society between July 1, 2014, and June 30, 2015. Their names appear in the category that reflects their giving totals for this period. We make every effort to ensure accuracy in this report. Please report omissions and errors to the Society.


Over $10,000

Two Anonymous Donors

Connecticut Humanities

Connecticut Trust for Historic

Preservation/1772 Foundation

Estate of Walter Becker

Estate of Gordon Ulmer

Hartford Foundation for Public Giving

William Harris

Hugh and Kate McLean

Rabbett Insurance Agency

Town of Windsor

Windsor Federal Savings



$5000 to $9,999

Christine Ermenc and Bill Hosley

Bob and Dottie McAllister

Carolyn and Scott Morehouse

Seattle Foundation



$1,000 to $4,999

Linda Alexander

Dorothy and Warren Ball

John and Marjory Berky

Al and Marilyn Boehm

Barry and Ruth Budlong

Carmon Funeral Homes

Connecticut Natural Gas Company

Duncaster Foundation

Ruth Fahrbach

Mark Griffin

Greater Hartford Arts Council

Marcia and Sam Hinckley

Willa Marie Nemetz

Alice and Richard Patton

David and Mary Lou Peters

Margaret and John Quigley, Jr.

Mike and Lu Rabbett

Peter and Lisa Souza

Al Stalb and Suzie Jacques

Vantis Life Insurance Company

Lois Warner

Yankee Gas

The 9:7 Fund c/o Foundation Source



$500 to $999

Deborah Baker

Joan and Neal Brundage

Dorothy Carlson

Jay and Tony Davenport

Skip and Mona Fisher

Randy Graff

Robert Grant

Richard and Anne Hazelton

Len and Betty Hellerman

Linda and Dennis Kollmorgen

William Leary

Aubrey and Marillyn Loomis

Edward Paquette and Chris Catania

Tim and Jane Reinsch

William J. Selig Foundation

John and Jan Stevens



$250 to $499

Joe and Voiza Arnold, Jr.

Brigette Becker

Holly Beum

Randy and Carla Clark

Priscilla Eatherton

Tim and Janet Ellsworth

Steven and Martha Erickson

First Church in Windsor

Friends of Connecticut Historical Society

Beverly Garvan

Barbara Gridley

Thomas and Leslie Hoffman

John and Mary Kelling

Cathy and Roger Lavallee

Ernie and Mickey Mattei

Liz and Joe McAuliffe

Order of the First Families of Connecticut

Richard and Alice Patton

Patricia and John Reardon

Linda and Ian Rickard

Society of Amreican Period Furniture Makers

Michael and Bonnie Stephens

Carl Verner and Jody Terranova

Christina and Jason Vida



$100 to $249

An Anonymous Donor

Jack Alberti and Ina Foreman

Marsha Anderson

Bob and Jane Archibald

Diana and Douglas Barnard

John Bissell

Richard Bradshaw

Paul Broxterman and Laura Soll-Broxterman

Jim and Liz Burke

Alan and Kathleen Collette

Elaine Colli

Duane and Lisa Douglas

Owen and Joan Eagan

Margaret Eberle

Steven Farley

Mark Fearon

Mary Field

Mark and Carol Fitton

Tim Fitzgerald and Meg Collins

John and Susan Foote

David Gillette

Barbara and Charles Goodwin

Grace Episcopal Church

Anthony and Judith Griego

Nancy Hales

Bette Harner

Brian and Dorothy Havens

Liz Henderson

George and Helene Hill

Bonnie Horn

Cynthia and William Hosley

Gertrude Hotchkiss - Trust of

Al and Jackie Ilg

Don and Sue Joffray

Coralee Jones

Donn and Betty Jourdan

Doug and Jean Kelly

Heidi and Tom Kelsey

Barbara Kline

Paul Kramer

John and Catherine Langley

Marian Lepp

Charles and Aralda Larson

Richard and Maureen Liebler

Ralph Loomis

James and Marsha Mason

Judith and John Matta

Brian and Dede Moore

Martin Noreika

Robert and Sarah O'Brien

Barbara O'Shea

Lee Barry and Catherine Phelps

Agnes Pier

Jim and Peggy Ristas

David and Mary Jane Snyder

Marian Sorbo

Peter Taylor

Gretchen Toshach

Allan and Susan Viner

Brian and Katherine Wagar

Diane and Gary Whitney

Windsor Woman's Club, Inc

Richard Wise

Clarissa Wolcott

Susan Zorro



Gifts under $100

Two Anonymous Donors

Judy and Domenic Albano

Darlene and William Anderson

John Bednarz

Charles Beebe

Robert Bell

Norman Bissell

James Blozie

Ruth Bockus

Edward and Carolyn Bogus

Richard and Joan Brigham

Robert Buckley

Carla Ann and Richard Bue

Marie Bruhn

Beverly Callan

May Checho

Eleanor Chapman

Bruce and Karyl Clark

Joanne and John Coghill

Charlotte and Walter Collins

Robert and Frances Davis

Beatrice Deresienski

Janice and Douglas Dorchester

Shirley Dudley

Cathy and William Eckert

Ralph and Sue Eggleston

Linda Fellows

Elizabeth and Louis Ferrero

Sally and Oscar Foster-Stewart

Meghan Geary and Peter Hale

Geissler's Supermarket

Adrienne Goldfarb

Bill and Vivian Gombert

Sara Grimes

Jenny and Frederick Hawran

Katharine and Timothy Hayes

Maridel Horsfall

Barbara and C.G. Ivey

William Johnson

Shirley Keeler

Joyce Krupansky

Anne Lasser

Doug Lemon

Nevin Lescher

Cheryl Lindberg

Richard and Dorris Loomis

Edward Lukstas

Joan Lynch

Evelyn and Raymond Mak

Joan and James McVey

Marsha Merrill

The Mills Fund

Douglas Muth and Terry Langevin

Marilyn and Howard Neuschaefer

Mrs. Truman Newberry

Jenifer Noble

Edith O'Donnell

James and Dorothy Oswald

Carlton Parkinson

Holly Pelton and Michael

Claire Reilly

Sharon Rispoli

Laurie Robbins

Pamela and Richard Roberts

Brenda Rohan

Cynthia and Walter Russell

Christina and Eduardo Santos

Andrea and Terry Schnure

James and Margaret Shea, Jr.

James Silliman

Charles Thrall and Sally Simmons

Norman Smith

F. Evelyn Smith

Lois Spinelli

Carol Ann Stephenson

Connie and Ron Thomas

Elizabeth Tonucci

Shirley Traska

Henry and Elaine Traverso

Margaret Tustin

Maxine Tye

Patricia Walker

Bob and Margaret Wallek

Hugh and Patricia Wayne

Ernest and Elaine Weisberg

Donald and Agnes Winchell

Windsor Civitans

Colette and Bob Yeich

Michael Zager



Corporate Matching Gifts

Aetna Foundation


CHUBB Federal Insurance Company

GE Foundation



United Technologies



Memorial Gifts

In memory of Charles A. Dudley

Shirley Dudley

In memory of Ed Rudolph

Shad Derby Committee

In memory of Edward A Bogus, Sr.

Edward and Carolyn Bogus

In memory of Frank Parker

Elizabeth Parker

In memory of Frank W. "Bill" Carmon

John and Linda Carmon

In memory of Frank Carmon

John and Marjorie D'Agata

In memory of Jack O'Shea

Barbara O'Shea

In memory of John T. Pier, Sr.

Agnes Pier

In memory of Margaret Jedziniak

Coralee Jones

In memory of Margaret MacDonnell

William & Margaret MacDonnell

In memory of Marian Gilman Thrall

Priscilla Eatherton

In memory of Nancy Gould Clark

Randy and Carla Clark

In memory of Peter and Miriam DeMallie

Robert & Hildegard DeMallie

In memory of Ruth and Ray Hampson

Barbara and C.G Ivey

In memory of Talcott Clapp

Lorraine Clapp

In memory of The Zaccaro Family

Jane & Daniel McAuliffe

In memory of Toni Russell

Cynthia & Walter Russell

In memory of William Hannum (1600-1677)

Reissa Puritz

In honor of Jeannette Birge and Barbara Birge

Marion Morgan

In honor of the 50th anniversary of Lon and Jane Pelton

Wanda Carmon

In honor of Lillian and Everett Royce

Diana and Douglas Barnard

In honor of Barbara Reardon

Colette and Bob Yeich

In honor of The Society's Volunteers

Jerrie and William Sudderth

In honor of Christina Keyser Vida

Debra and Gene Keyser

Lita Keyser

Maxine Tye



In-kind Donation

Friends of the Office of the State Archaeologist

Konica Minolta Printing Services

Rainbow Bus Lines, Inc.

Reid & Reige, P.C.

Town of Windsor



Object Donors

Roger and Roberta Ball

Warren and Dorothy Ball

John Berky

Elaine Brophy

Jerry Bryan

John Conant

Connecticut Forest and Parks Associa-tion

Frances Cordiliko

Daniel Curley

Jared Day

Terry DeGray

Janice Dorchester

Christine Ermenc

Lowell Fewster

First Church in Windsor

Priscilla Ford

Jane Frelick

Beverly Garvan

Sue Glander

Sara Grimes

JCJ Architecture

Enita Jubrey

Paul Kramer

Allen and Judith Kronick

Loomis Chaffee School

David Malboeuf

Denise Merrill, Secretary of the State of Connecticut

Milford Historical Society

Anita Mips

Janet Moran

Sofie Oliveira

Edward Paquette

Jayesh Patel

Barbara Sanborn

Michael Taylor

James Turek

Margaret Tustin

Herbert van Winkelen

Allan Viner

Lois Warner

Windsor Public Library

Robert Young

Jane Zajac



Board of Directors

John Berky, President

Cathy Amadasun

Sharran Selig Bennett

Marilyn Boehm

John Brookman

Randall Clark

Robert DeMallie

Ronald Eleveld

Ruth Fahrbach

Randall Graff

William Harris

Cathleen Lavallee

Aubrey Loomis

Dar McCormick

Julian McKinley

Ed Paquette

Mark Walker

Beverly Garvan, Hon. Director

Sterling Viets, Hon. Director




Executive Director

Christine Ermenc

Administrative Assistant

Liz Henderson

Curator of Collections and Interpretation

Christina Vida


Barbara Goodwin

Facilities/Technical Coordinator

Jack Alberti

Facilities/Technical Coordinator

Walt Stevenson



Standing Committees

Auction Committee and Volunteers

John Berky

Al and Marilyn Boehm

Frank Carmon

John Carmon

Central Street Antiques

Ruth Fahrbach

David Gillette

Charlie Goodwin

Dorothy McAllister

Anita Mips

Willa Nemetz

Ed Paquette

Peggy Ristas

Walt Stefanow

Mark Walker

Colette Yeich


Collections Committee

Dorothy Ball

Donna Baron

Marianne Curling

Kevin Ferrigno

Lynn Kloter Fahy

Karen Parsons


Development Committee

Kathy Frederick, Consultant and Chair

Debbie Baker

John Berky

Robert DeMallie

Lynn MacDonald


Finance Committee

Marty McMahon, Chair

John Berky

Beverly Garvan

Aubrey Loomis

Paul Mihalek

Donald Norton

Ronald Renaud

Sterling Viets

Mark Walker


Nominating Committee

John Berky

Ruth Farhbach




Debbie Baker

Joyce Barber

Nick Bellantoni

Marilyn Boehm 

Elaine Brophy

Marie Bruhn

Ruth Budlong

The Butler Company

Barbara Byczkiewicz

Diane Cameron

Lonnette Candelaria

Pat Congelosi

Daniel Crittenden

Carolyn Doyle

Deb Dusseault

Ruth Fahrbach

Kevin Ferrigno/Reid & Riege

Sue Gallagher

Bev Garvan

Bill Harris

Sara Hawran

Volunteers from Windsor Federal Savings Bank and Windsor High School Jazz Combo

Marcia Hinckley

Susan Jackson

Laura Jary

Margaret Jedziniak

Chelsea Jenkins

Jessica Jenkins

Coralee Jones

Mary Kelling

Betsy Kenneson

Gordon Kenneson

Tristan Kijak

Marsha LaPorto

Pam LaPorto

Dorothy McAllister

Sandy McGraw

Yvonne McGregor

Anita Mips

Willa Nemetz

Marion Nielsen

Edie O’Donnell

Libby Parker

Carlton Parkinson

Lon Pelton

Heather Renaud

Walt Stefanow

Walt Stevenson

Steve Stosonis

Barbara Tanguay Katie Tanguay

Ron Thomas

Gail Tinto

Laura Toal

Town of Windsor

Jim Trocchi

United Way Day of Caring,

UTC Aerospace Systems

Lois Warner

Christina Wilson

Windsor Civitans

Windsor Garden Club

Tom Woodruff



Ways to Give
Since 1921 the Windsor Historical Society has collected objects that embody Windsor’s past so we can share their stories with future generations. As our collection and educational programs grow, so does the need to preserve, exhibit, and share these collected treasures and stories of our past and to preserve them for the future. The success of the Windsor Historical Society—past, present and future—depends on the generosity of those who support our mission. We invite you to join those supporters who have contributed to the Society’s annual fund which signifies support above and beyond dues for membership.

We welcome your support through tax-deductible outright gifts, bequests and other planned-gift agreements. Such gifts ensure that you and the things you care most about are long remembered. To discuss these or other giving opportunities, contact Christine Ermenc at 860/688-3813.

The Windsor Historical Society is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Donations are tax deductible.


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