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Windsor Center Sculpture Walking Tour

July 16, 2016       9 AM PM to 10:30 AM


Walk, bike, or drive to Windsor Center and meet Windsor Historical Society director Christine Ermenc for an in-depth look at the sculptures, monuments, and markers decorating Broad Street Green and Windsor Center.


Prior to the tour, view Windsor sculptor Lon Pelton so she can share with you the real stories behind his Moly Mosquito and Into the Future sculptures. And did you know that Broad Street Green’s iconic eagle was sculpted by Evelyn Longman Batchelder, the first woman sculptor to be elected a full member of the National Academy of Design in 1919? Many Windsor residents have never noticed the New Deal-era tobacco reliefs by Nena Jackson De Brennecke located above the lock boxes in the Windsor Center Post Office.


These delights and more historic and modern details will be highlighted on this mile walk.


Can’t make it on July 16th? Much (but not all) of this information is available to you by visiting on your mobile device or computer any time you wish.


Broad Street Green architecture will be covered on our November 6th bus tour with historian Beverly Garvan and Sterling Viets. Save that date on your calendar and more information will be forthcoming.



$6 adults, $5 seniors and students, $4 members


Thunderstorm re-schedule date: July 17, 2 PM.



Above right, Moly Mosquito, by Lon Pelton.




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