School Programs


School Programs

Museum tours and programs are thematic and relate to the Society’s exhibitions, historic homes, and the historic landscape surrounding us.  Tours and programs are given by guides experienced with school audiences of all ages.  Many can be adapted for a classroom setting.  All Windsor Historical Society programs have been designed to meet the goals and objectives of the Connecticut Frameworks.  *Can be adapted for classroom presentations.



My Day at the Museum…

Grades Pre-K – 2; Length: 60 minutes

This tour introduces our youngest visitors to museums and collections.  Meet different people who work in the museum and create your own mini museum in a project to take home.


Mrs. Howard’s Store

Grades Pre-K – 2; Length: 60 minutes

Use costumes and props to recreate Mrs. Howard’s 18th century store.  Students will work together to learn the differences between goods and services and consumers and producers. 


Encounter! Native Americans Meet The English

Grades Pre-K – 3; Length: 60 minutes

Furs, maps, artifacts and more show how Native Americans used rivers, woods, and wildlife and how they and early English settlers got along.


Colonial Life in Windsor*

Grades 3 – 12; Length: 90 minutes

How did colonists keep warm, light their homes, and cross rivers? Try clothing, powder horns, and wool carders and enjoy some colonial games!


Revolution in Windsor*

Grades 3 – 12; Length: 90 minutes

Explore the causes and effects of the Revolutionary War and its relationship to Windsor.  Battlefront letters, supply lists, and reproduction artifacts tell how soldiers and their families in Windsor coped with the War for Independence. 



Add-On Program

Palisado Cemetery Tour

Grades Pre-K – 12; Length: 45 minutes

Explore Palisado Cemetery and learn more about people buried there and how gravestones evolved.



Program Reservations

Reservations are required for all programs.


Program Hours: Tuesday - Friday, 10am - 4pm.


Fees and Payments: $5 per student for school programs, Add-On Programs are $2 per student.

* There is a minimum $40 program fee.   


Pre & Post Visit Materials:  After you schedule your program, you will receive a Pre & Post Visit Materials binder with information to prepare you and your class for their trip.  While use of lesson plans is not required, they are filled with primary-source activities designed to improve your experience and understanding of the themes. 


Chaperones: We require one chaperone for every ten students.  Teachers and parent chaperones must remain with students at all times.  Maintaining student order and discipline are responsibilities of teachers and parent chaperones during a museum program.  Museum staff members have been instructed to stop the program if student order and/or discipline becomes an issues. They will ask teachers and parent chaperones to resolve issues so that the program may continue.


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