Visions of Windsor Photography Contest Winners!


On Tuesday June 8 from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m., the Society held its “Visions of Windsor” photography contest featuring photographs of Windsor people, places, or events.   The contest was held in conjunction with Windsor – A Photographer’s Vision, an exhibition of photographs by Leonard Hellerman.  Photographers who live or work in Windsor were asked to prepare an up-to-ten-minute PowerPoint presentation.  Audience members voted for their favorite presentations.  Here are the results and some examples of their work.

*Click image to enlarge.

First Place:  Bill Latournes


             Bill Latournes 1     Bill Latournes 2     Bill Latournes 3     Bill Latournes 4



Second Place:  Gaby McKay

             Gaby McKay 1     Gaby McKay 2     Gaby McKay 3    Gaby McKay 4



Third Place:  Lois Franchino


                    Lois Franchino_1     Lois Franchino_2     Lois Franchino_3     Lois Franchino_4



Other Participating Photographers:


                    Jennifer Coe

                    Coe_1    Coe_2    Coe_3



                    Liz McAuliffe/Jeanne Walsh


                    McAuliffe/Walsh 1



                    Catalina McKay

                    Catalina McKay_2    Catalina McKay_3    Catalina McKay_4



                    Fred Wallace


                    Fred Wallace 1     Fred Wallace 2     Fred Wallace 3