Winners of the Society’s “This is Where” Facebook Photo Contest


On May 29th, Filipe Pereira, of Windsor, CT, received the top prize in the Windsor Historical Society’s “This is Where” Facebook Photo Contest. His image of Pigeon Hill Road taken this April received over 160 votes on the Society’s Facebook page. He was one of thirteen photographers who submitted an image of a location in Windsor along with a one-sentence story about that spot. Pereira wrote: “This is where one of Windsor’s awesome roads is hidden, it makes me want to take the tops off the 300ZX-T and enjoy the wind in my hair!” After winning the $100 prize, Pereira said that he loves the road because it “makes me feel like I'm out in the country for just a tiny bit.”   Another Windsor resident, Christine Garthwaite, took home 2nd place in the contest with her snowy image of a historic home along Bissell Ferry Road. She took the image during the winter of 2013 and wrote that: “This is where for the past 70 years, overlooking the CT River meadows and the historical Bissel Ferry Road, family has bid “Ol Winter” good-bye.” Third-place winner Brandon Mendes, of West Hartford, featured his car and Windsor’s 1867 railroad bridge in his photograph. He noted that “this is where I took one of my most artistic shots yet, by the boat launch at Bart's Drive In.” The three images and the other submissions are still available for viewing and sharing on the Windsor Historical Society’s Facebook page.


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1st Place

Pigeon Hill Road, Windsor, CT. Photographer Filipe Pereira.

2nd Place

Bissell Ferry Road, Windsor, CT. Photographer Christine Garthwaite.

3rd Place

Pleasant Street, Windsor, CT. Photographer Brandon Mendes.



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