Rediscovering the Old Connecticut Path at Windsor Historical Society

September 10,2015       7 PM to 8 PM


The years 1635-1636 saw two groups of pioneers set out on a journey west from the Massachusetts Bay through the unsettled wilderness to build new lives in the Connecticut Valley.  The Dorchester Company led by Roger Ludlow and John Warham, and the Newtown congregation led by Reverend Thomas Hooker followed Indian trails along what came to be known as the Old Connecticut Path.  Today the Path is hidden in plain sight, ready to be rediscovered for its historic importance and natural beauty.  Jason Newton’s fascinating presentation will connect the story of the Path and the people who followed it to Connecticut with our history.  Rediscover the Path for yourselves and find the wild places open for hiking and exploration across Massachusetts and Connecticut. Cost: $6 adults, $5 seniors and students, $4 WHS and First Church members. For more information, contact the Society at 860/688-3813.


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