Barn Again! Movie Series:  Witness


Join film aficionados at Windsor Historical Society on Thursday, October 20th at 7:00 for free popcorn and a 20th year anniversary screening of the 1985 movie Witness starring Harrison Ford as John Book, the hardened but honest Philadelphia detective protecting Samuel Lapp, the small Amish boy (played by Lucas Haas) who has accidentally witnessed a brutal crime.  When it becomes apparent that the cold blooded murder was committed by another detective, a wounded Book spirits Samuel and his widowed mother Rachel (Kelly McGillis) back to the Amish community and collapses.


As Book recuperates slowly from his wound in the Amish community, he experiences another world and becomes increasingly drawn to Rachel.  Can their two worlds conjoin?   And can they continue to evade the crooked Philadelphia detectives?  This film, rated R for violence at its beginning and end and a scene with half frontal nudity, features fine performances from its actors and hauntingly beautiful cinematography and music.  It was chosen as part of the Barn Again! movie series because of the prominent role barns play in the film.


Connecticut State Historian Walter Woodward will give a short opening commentary at the beginning of the film.  The cost is $6 for adults, $5 for senior and students, $15 per family with Windsor Historical Society member admitted at $4 apiece.  The popcorn and soda is free and we hope to see you!



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