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Local historian Beverly Garvan has researched and compiled this list of Old Houses in Windsor Built Prior to 1850 for  Windsor Historical Society. She used land deeds, tax assessments, probate records, maps, and family genealogies to arrive at the approximate dates these historic houses were built.

The list includes the earliest known houses that are still standing in Windsor; but, of course, many other first-generation houses are now simply lost in time. 17th and 18th century structures are particularly difficult to date. Although many of them are situated along Windsor Avenue, Broad Street, or Poquonock Avenue, actual house numbers were not assigned until the early 20th century. Often it is necessary to research a combination of record sources to establish a fairly accurate date of construction.

In 1933 at the time of Windsor’s 300th anniversary, Leland P. Wilson led a team that researched and placed historic markers on many of Windsor’s older houses. Since then some of those homes have been demolished and others have lost their markers.

Bev Garvan’s completely updated list contains 192 buildings. Of course, there are plenty of old houses not quite old enough to make the list, and we have in our research library lots of information on these and other buildings still standing and long gone. So come visit us!


Builder: John and Sarah Strong
Year Built: 1758
Address: 96 Palisado Avenue
Extant: Yes
Notes: expanded by Capt. Nathaniel Howard and Ann Howard


Builder: Benedict Alvord
Year Built: 1735
Address: 103 Poquonock Avenue
Extant: No


Builder: Elisha Strong Year Built: 1780 Address: 10 North Meadow Road Extant: Yes Notes:


Builder: William Phelps Year Built: 1670 Address: 122 East Street Extant: Yes Notes:


Builder: Henry Allyn Year Built: 1795 Address: 175 Broad Street Extant: Yes Notes:


Builder: Thomas Allyn
Year Built: 1670
Address: 119 Deerfield Street
Extant: Yes
Notes:Built 1690?


Builder: Benoni, Denslow Year Built: 1775 Address: 64 Center Street Extant: Yes Notes:


Builder: John Hillier Year Built: 1650 Address: 140 East Street Extant: Yes Notes:


Builder: Col. James Loomis Year Built: 1790 Address: 59-61 Hayden Avenue Extant: Yes Notes: Moved here


Builder: Col. James Loomis Year Built: 1822 Address: 208 Broad Street Extant: Yes Notes:


Builder: William Loomis Year Built: 1805 Address: 31 Elm Street Extant: Yes Notes: Moved from Broad St.


Builder: Allyn M. Mather Year Built: 1824 Address: 441 Broad Street Extant: Yes Notes: Moved from 306 Broad St.


Builder: Col. Oliver Mather Year Built: 1777 Address: 323 Broad Street Extant: Yes Notes: now Windsor Public Library


Builder: Elijah & Sam Mills Year Built: 1822 Address: 45 Deerfield Road Extant: Yes Notes:


Builder: Oliver Mills Year Built: 1824 Address: 148 Deerfield Road Extant: Yes Notes:


Builder: Timothy Mills Year Built: 1834 Address: 184 Deerfield Road Extant: Yes Notes:


Builder: Edward Moore Year Built: 1806 Address: 464 Broad Street Extant: Yes Notes:


Builder: Elisha Moore Year Built: 1796 Address: 245 Deerfield Road Extant: Yes Notes:


Builder: Deacon John Moore Year Built: 1664 Address: 37 Elm Street Extant: Yes Notes: Moved from Broad St.


Builder: John Palmer Year Built: 1732 Address: 24-26 East Street Extant: Yes Notes:


Builder: Cicero Roberts Year Built: 1845 Address: 38 East Street Extant: Yes Notes:


Builder: Seth Young Year Built: 1748 Address: No# Windsor Avenue Extant: No Notes: Moved to Washington Court