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In 1925, Windsor Historical Society saved the 1758 Strong-Howard House from being demolished to make way for a gasoline station. Since then, it has anchored Windsor’s historic district and served as the foundation for the Society’s many services for school children and adults.
  • Strong-Howard House exterior

Today, after a successful $750,000 capital campaign, the home has been fully stabilized and reinterpreted. Furnished with reproduction artifacts instead of antiques, the home replicates the life of the Howard family in the year 1810. We invite you into this historic home, which has garnered local, state, and national awards.

Learn more about the Howard family’s lives and their concerns. Set the dining table, try out the bed, experiment with hearth-cooking tools and guess how they were used. Pull open the drawers of the high chest and try on stays, bonnets, and britches. And explore some of the treasures the Howards sold in their store. Enjoy this hands-on historic home!