Holiday Fun for Adults: Discover and Sample Forgotten Drinks

of Colonial New England

December 4       5:30 PM – 7 PM


Colonial New England was awash in ales, beers, wines, and spirits.  Everyone from teenage farm workers to our founding fathers imbibed heartily and often.  Ring in the holidays with an exploration of the origins and tastes of some of the favorite beverages of early Americans.  Ever heard of flip?  Syllabub?  Rattleskull?  Switchel?  Learn more from Corin Hirsch, award-winning author of “Forgotten Drinks of Colonial New England.”  Then visit four stations including the new kitchen of the Society’s Strong-Howard house to see the drinks made and for samples of these forgotten but surprisingly delicious beverages.  Recipes provided.  $10 adults, $9 seniors, $8 WHS members. 860/688-3813 for more information.


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