Windsor Historical Society



Historic Libations

August 19, 2016       6 PM to 8 PM


         photo by Christina Vida


How did Ethan Allen and his Green Mountain boys fortify themselves before their famous assault on Fort Ticonderoga? Rumor has it that liberal quantities of a hard cider and rum-based stone fence were imbibed. How did Connecticut’s gin-crazed city dwellers cool off on a hot summer night? A delicious gin, lemon, and soda-based gin-sling might do the trick.


Come sample these concoctions as well as a wine-and-brandy-based alderman and a non-alcoholic, extremely refreshing fruit-based shrub. Recipes provided!


Society archivist Michelle Tom and educator John Mooney will briefly regale you with the origins of these concoctions and some of the colorful laws governing the operations of Connecticut inns and taverns in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.


$20 adults, $18 seniors, $16 members. 21 and up only.



     Becky Hendricks pouring flip at the Colonial Drinks event in December, 2015





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