Genealogy Road Show

July 11, 2015       10 AM - 2 PM


Join us in Windsor Historical Society’s air-conditioned meeting room on Saturday, July 11, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. for a Genealogy Road Show with members of the Connecticut Professional Genealogists Council.  Genealogy, the fastest growing hobby in North America, is a quest to uncover a trail into your ancestry and link forebears together on a family tree.   Genealogists find that historical artifacts and documents become pieces of a complex and fascinating puzzle that shows you where you came from and who you are.  Inevitably, experienced as well as inexperienced genealogists hit snags – even brick walls.  All of the consultants appearing at the Road Show have spent many years working in this field, are familiar with area libraries and other research repositories, and have researched a wide variety of problems.  They are well prepared to get you started, and to help you break through those genealogical brick walls.    Twenty-five minute consultations will be offered on the hour and half-hour.   Consultants include:

  • Kathryn Black who specializes in Massachusetts lines, court records, and document analysis;

  • Nora Galvin who can help with Connecticut records, New England-wide records, court records, document analysis and Irish genealogy;

  • Irene Lambert, certified graphoanalyst, specializes in providing information on the personality of an ancestor through the study of their handwriting.  Bring a copy of your ancestor’s handwriting with you.

  • Diane Lenti will help you with all genealogical problems.  She specializes in French-Canadian ancestors.

  • Olivia Patch covers Connecticut and Southern Massachusetts.  She also specializes in French-Canadian ancestry.

  • Edwin Strickland specializes in Connecticut ancestry, lineage society requirements, and Windsor ancestors.

  • Gregory Thompson specializes in lineage society requirements, Mayflower and American Revolutionary ancestors.

In addition, from 10-11 a.m., Edwin Strickland (an engaging and enthusiastic presenter) will give an optional presentation in the Society’s library called “The Mythical Trunk in the Attic”.  The program designed for beginners and anyone who wants a refresher is designed around an old trunk filled with some of his own family artifacts -- things you are likely to find stored in your home: a family bible, copies of birth, death, and marriage certificates, obituary clippings, photograph albums, inscribed napkin rings.  He will show you how these artifacts and documents are pieces of a fascinating puzzle that shows you where you came from and who you are.  Why do people get started on genealogy?  What mistakes do people tend to make when they are self-taught? (Ed wants you to know he’s made many of them!)  You may elect to attend just this presentation, attend in conjunction with a consultation of your choice, or just book a consultation.


You may make appointments for several consultations if you wish. Cost for program (1 consultation plus optional Ed Strickland presentation) is $6 for adults, $5 for seniors and students, and $4 for WHS members. Additional consultations are extra.  Schedule your appointment in advance by calling Windsor Historical Society at 860/ 688-3813.   Reservations should be made by July 10 to assure sufficient time with the expert(s) of your choice.  However, we will make every effort to accommodate drop-ins if space allows.


You should bring as much information as you can to help the experts advise you on your genealogical quest. Windsor Historical Society’s research library will be open throughout the day.  Parking is available in the Windsor Discovery Center and First Church parking lots and around Palisado Green. This is a wonderful opportunity for everyone interested in family history, so book your slot now.


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