Timelines: Placing Your Heritage in Historical Perspective


Laura Prescott 

July 20, 2010      7pm – 9pm


What events shaped the lives of our ancestors? Who was president when my immigrant ancestor arrived in Boston? Where was my great-great grandfather living when his future wife was born? Why did they marry so late? What brought one family into contact with this other family in my lineage? Did a war or epidemic cause a change in quality of life for my ancestors in this location, in this time period? Many questions can be answered when we place events, migration patterns, and customs on a visual plane beside a record of our ancestors’ life events. Excel spreadsheets, basic word processing programs, and mapping software that can to a better understanding of a person’s place in history will be reviewed and applied. .  Laura G. Prescott is a professional researcher, writer, and speaker.  She worked for the New England Historic Genealogical Society for a number of years before starting her own research business.


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