Faces of Windsor:  1850 to the Present

September 12, 2008 through 2010


The Society’s exhibition, Faces of Windsor: 1850 to the Present, features historic photographs of Windsor residents beginning with daguerreotype portraits taken in the 1850s and finishing with digital photographs from the 21st century.  These images reflect Windsor’s very diverse citizenry, from native-born New Englanders to members of the many ethnic and racial groups who settled in Windsor during the 19th and 20th centuries.  Photographs of people of all ages, classes, and backgrounds are on display.  Their stories are used to relate the larger history of work, play, and community in Connecticut’s First Town.


Situated between Hartford and Springfield, MA, Windsor residents had access to a variety of photo studios during the 19th century and followed national trends in camera and photograph ownership through the 20th century.  Surviving photographs show Windsor people in a variety of environments, from formal studio portraits to carefree snapshots of families and organizations around town. Faces of Windsor provides a sampling of these images from the Society’s photographic collections. Visitors to the exhibition will recognize familiar faces and discover new ones in an exhibition as beautiful and diverse as Windsor itself.


Faces of Windsor is on view in the Society’s North Gallery.












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