Windsor Probate Records   1947 – 1973


Scope and Contents

This collection of Windsor Probate Records is contained in 51 bound volumes which span the years 1947-1973.These records were transferred to the Windsor Historical Society as a result of the 2011 consolidation of the Connecticut probate courts. State legislative action reduced the number of districts and combined Windsor with East Windsor and South Windsor creating the new Greater Windsor Probate Court. These volumes contain three types of records. Manuscripts contain typed copies of the decedent’s will, estate inventories, financial accountings, distributions, trusts, conservatorships, and guardianships. The original wills, tax returns, and other supporting documents are not in the volumes. Orders and Decrees contain printed forms which document the actions of the probate court or judicial decrees. The forms may include names of heirs or summaries of the steps being taken to process and close the estate. Applications and Returns contain an heir’s application to the court to probate a will, for the administration of estates without a will, and for permission to sell real estate. The records may contain names and addresses of family members or a description of the property. Additional probate records, microfilm copies, and multi-year name indexes are available at the Greater Windsor Probate Court located in the South Windsor Town Hall at 1540 Sullivan Ave., South Windsor, CT.



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