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96 Palisado Avenue, Windsor, CT 06095

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Creator:  Multiple photographers

Dates:  1950-1990, bulk dates

Extent:  1.5 linear feet


Accession #: 1996.55

Location: Darkroom


Scope and Contents

The collection is comprised of about 600 photographs, mostly black and white, that were taken for the Town of Windsor during the 1950's -- 1980's. This was a period of active industrial and commercial development in the community. The images depict the local town government, residents, events, and sites in Windsor, Connecticut. They include aerial photos, portraits of town officials, construction and demolition sites, schools and town buildings, industrial and commercial development.

Many of the photographs are marked on the back of the print with the name of the photographer.  Correspondence with the Town Clerk in 2006 did not yield any conclusive information about the arrangements between the town and the various photographers regarding copyrights.  Some images were produced by town employees and others were taken by press photographers or by commercial studios. A large number of the photographs were taken by Julius Rusavage. Film negatives for some of the snapshots are also part of the collection.



Each subseries is arranged alphabetically; any folder with unidentified images is at the end of the subseries. The photographs are stored randomly within the folders.


I.   Buildings and Structures

A.  Houses and other buildings

B.  Churches

C.  Businesses

D.  Monuments

E.  Dams

II. Town of Windsor

A.  Departments and Facilities

B.  Libraries

C.  Parks

D.  Greens

E.  Schools

F.  Fire Companies

G.  Town Council

H.   Town Government

I.   Special events

III. People

IV. Transportation

V.  Other subjects

            A.  Aerial photographs

            B.  Cemeteries

            C.  Fishing

            D.  Floods

            E.  Tobacco

            F. Parrish (movie)

            G. Girl and Boy Scouts

VI. Unidentified


Box and Folder Lists

Series I.   Buildings and structures

            Subseries A. Houses and other buildings


1.1        164 and 166 Broad St. (Linden Jewelers, Windsor Barber, Julie’s Bake     Shop)

1.2        208 Broad St.

1.3        241 Broad St. (Horace White house)

1.4        253 Broad St. (Dr. Aaron Pratt house)

1.5        261 Broad St. (John Luddy House, Chamber of Commerce)

1.6        271 Broad St. (Charles Mahoney)

1.7        340 Broad St.

1.8        Deerfield Rd. (Shad Run Terrace Housing)

1.9        148 Deerfield Rd. (Marguerite Mills house)

1.10      96 Palisado Ave. (Fyler Homestead, Strong House)

1.11      108 Palisado Ave. (Chaffee House)

1.12      126 Palisado Ave. (Daniels House)

1.13      299 Palisado Ave. (Joseph Rainey house)

1.14      778 Palisado Ave. (Oliver Ellsworth Homestead)
1.15      1022 Palisado Ave. (Bissell Tavern)

1.16      River St., Poquonock

1.17      River St. (Farm Labor Supply Center)

1.18      Windsor Ave. (Deerfield Garden Apartments)

1.19      Windsor Ave., Wilson Center

1.20      829 Windsor Ave.


            Subseries B. Churches

1.21      First Church in Windsor

1.22      Grace Episcopal Church

1.23      Trinity Methodist Church


            Subseries C. Businesses

1.24      Businesses A-P

1.25      Businesses Q-Z

1.26      Businesses,  unidentified images


            Subseries D. Monuments

1.27      Deerfield Green Monument

1.28      Eagle, Broad Street Green

1.29      Veterans Memorial

1.30      Vietnam War Monument


            Subseries E. Dams

1.31      Dams


Series II.  Town of Windsor

            Subseries A. Departments and Facilities

1.32            Caring Connection

1.33            Center for Emergency Management

1.34            Civil Defense

1.35            Community Service Council 1971

1.36            L.P. Wilson Community Center (Matianuck Ave.)

1.37            Milo W. Peck Community Center

1.38            Police Athletic League

1.39            Police Department

1.40            Public Health Nurses

1.41            Public Safety Complex (Fire and Police)

1.42            Public Works Department

1.43            Town Hall


            Subseries B. Libraries

2.1        Leland P. Wilson Memorial Library

2.2        Windsor Public Library (Broad St.)


            Subseries C. Parks

2.3               Northwest Park

2.4               Stroh Park, Goslee Pool

2.5               Washington Park

2.6               John Welch- Dunham Field Pool


Subseries D. Greens

2.7               Broad Street Green

2.8               Palisado Green


Subseries E. Schools

2.9               Clover Street

2.10            John Fitch

2.11            John F. Kennedy

2.12            Loomis Chaffee

2.13            Oliver Ellsworth

2.14            Poquonock Elementary

2.15            Roger Wolcott

2.16            Sage Park Middle School

2.17            Windsor High School

2.18            Schools, unidentified images


Subseries F. Fire Companies

2.19            Hayden Station

2.20            Poquonock

2.21            Wilson

2.22            Windsor

2.23            Fire Companies, unidentified images


            Subseries G. Town Council

2.24            Town Council


            Subseries H. Town Government

2.25            Town Government


            Subseries I. Special Events

3.1               Freedom Shrine

3.2               Industrial Appreciation Day 1963

3.3               Industrial Appreciation Day 1973, 1975, 1979

3.4               Industrial Appreciation Day 1977

3.5               Industrial Appreciation Day 1983

3.6               Industrial Appreciation Day 1985

3.7               Poquonock Bridge Opening 1952, Mayor Nels Linden

3.8               President Kennedy’s Death, November 1963

3.9               Shad Derby

3.10            350th Anniversary 1983

3.11            Town Pride Day 1989 and 1990

3.12            Trees for Town Dedication


Series III.  People

3.13            Goslee, Carlan

3.14            Grasso, Ella

3.15            Ilg, Al, Town Manager

3.16            Mosdale, Grace, Town Clerk 1987

3.17            Niles, Floyd C.

3.18            Peck, Milo

3.19            Ribicoff, Abraham, Governor of Connecticut

3.20            Rosenbloom, Maxie

3.21            Turley, Mary, Mayor

3.22            Weiss, Robert, Town Manager


Series IV.  Transportation

3.23            I 91 Highway

3.24            Railroad -- Windsor Center Station, Freight House, Tracks, Palisado        Avenue             Overpass

3.25            Senior Citizens, Dial-a-Ride-Bus

3.26            Shopper’s Trolley

3.27            Stone Railroad Bridge (Farmington River at Pleasant St.)

3.28            Trolley 1896


Series V.  Other Subjects

            Subseries A. Aerial Photographs

3.29            Aerial Photographs


            Subseries B. Cemeteries

3.30            Palisado Cemetery


            Subseries C. Fishing

3.31            Fishing


            Subseries D. Floods

3.32            Floods


            Subseries E. Tobacco

3.33            Tobacco


            Subseries F. Parrish (movie)

3.34            Parrish (movie)


            Subseries G. Girl and Boy Scouts

3.35            Scouts (Girl and Boy)


Series VI.  Unidentified

3.36            Unidentified images

3.37            Unidentified construction images


Related Materials

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Subject files:    


            Fire Companies






            Town of Windsor – Broad Street Green

            Town of Windsor – Public buildings

            Town of Windsor – Town Officials


Subject Terms

Business enterprises – Connecticut – Windsor

Windsor (Conn.) – Aerial Views

Windsor (Conn.) – Buildings, structures, etc.

Windsor (Conn.) – Churches

Windsor (Conn.) – Officials and employees

Windsor (Conn.) – Parks

Windsor (Conn.) – Politics and government

Windsor (Conn.) – Streets



Photos are marked on the back with these photographers’ names:

Batz, ______ (Hartford Courant)

Beaudin, Frank N. (Myers Studio, Inc., Hartford and Wethersfield, CT)

Chindmark, Einar G. (Hartford Times)

Desinor, Medge

Dundin, Ronnie

Goslee, Carlan

Grogan, Grover W. (Hartford Times)

Hall, Lin (Tim?)

Heilpern, George S.

Hernter, Millicent

Kington, Ellery G. (Hartford Times)

Lescoe, Ed (Hartford Times)

Maine, Doug

Malone, Doug

Maslocka, Michael

Miller, W. F. & Co., Hartford, CT


Rarus, Charles D. (Myers Studio, Inc., Hartford and Wethersfield, CT)

Rusavage, Julius

Sieber, William L. (Sieber of Windsor)

Spafford, Dick (Hartford Times)

Terriault, Louis

Thompson, G.

Wice, Marshall

Windsor Journal


Some of the unmarked photos were probably taken by:

Miller, Cliff

Zavarella, Mario

Student interns 


Custodial history

            The collection had no apparent organizational structure when it was received from the Town of Windsor. The photographs have been grouped by location and subject categories to align with Windsor Historical Society’s library subject file headings. A small group of images remain unidentified at this time.

The collection processing was begun by Elizabeth Tonucci in 2004 and completed by Sara Hawran and Connie Thomas in 2007-2008. The finding aid was prepared by Barbara Goodwin in February 2008.



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