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9/11/2001 - see Monuments - World Trade Center 9/11/2001 and - see also Orloske, Margaret

Acadian exiles - see Wars - Acadian Exiles

Acts of the Legislature -see Legal Issues

Aerial Photographs of Windsor- see Town of Windsor Photo Collection

African Americans - see Black History

Agriculture see also Businesses – Greenhouses and Nursery Businesses (Floriculture)

Airplanes - see Transportation – Airplanes

Anderson, Ted columns “From the Steeple”- see Windsor, Town of - History #7

Aptuxcet Trading Post- see Massachusetts - Aptuxcet Trading Post


Architects - see Thomas Hayden family file


Athletics - see Sports

Austin, TX - see Windsor, Town of - Austin, TX


Autograph Collection

Bands - see Music - Bands


Bicentennial, 1968 - see Towns – East Windsor

Bicentennial, 1976 - see United States - Bicentennial Celebration, 1976

Biographies (for House Tours & Cemetery Walks) - see House Tours

Bissell Ferry - see Transportation - Ferries

Black History

- General Information – (includes Martin Luther King Jr. in CT)

            - Bibliographies

            - Black History in Windsor

            - CT Freedom Trail

            - Underground Railroad

            - “Slave House” – see Houses - Palisado Avenue, 118

            - Slavery in Connecticut

            - Slavery Laws, Emancipation, Amistad Story

Blizzard of 1888 - see Weather - Blizzards, 1888

Bloomfield -see Towns - Bloomfield, CT

Bradley Field, Windsor Locks, CT - see Businesses - Airfields

Brick Architecture - see National Register of Historic Places: Brick Architecture


-General information

-Bissell Bridge

-Bulkeley Bridge

-Hartford, CT

-Palisado Avenue


-Railroad Bridge over Farmington River

Buildings by address - see Houses


-General information (includes new businesses in town since 2000)



            -Automobile Garages and Dealers


-Barber Shops - see also Endee family file

-Blacksmith Shops


-Brick Manufacturers/Brickmaking

-Brown Drum - see Businesses – Manufacturing - Brown Drum

-Clock Makers

-Corporations - see Businesses - Manufacturing Industries

-Drug Stores - see also Doctors

-Funeral Homes

-Grain and Supplies

-Greenhouses and Nursery businesses

-Grocery Stores - see also Houses - Broad St., 194

-Dillon’s Market

-Fenton’s Store  - see also Houses – Palisado Ave., 76-78

-Garvan Brothers

-Geissler’s / First National Store

-Mott’s Super Market


-O.W. Hayden

-Windsor Cash Grocery

-Hardware Stores

-Hatters - see Shelton Family file

-Hotels - see Businesses - Restaurants and Hotels


-Insurance and Real Estate

-Kernan Insurance

-Livery and Trucking - see also Transportation - Horse-drawn

-Lumber Yards

-Coal and Lumber

-Stinson Lumber Yard

-Manufacturing Industries - see also Mills

-American Standard

-Bedortha Brothers - see Mills - Bedortha

-Brown Drum Manufacturing

-Combustion Engineering

-CE/ ABB Property History

-C.H. Dexter & Sons

-Eddy Electric Co.

-Environmental Tran-Sport Corp (Pedicar)

-General Electric

-Hamilton Standard

-Paper Mills/Manufacturing

-Spencer Machine & Screw

-Stanadyne - see Businesses - General information

-Taylor & Fenn Foundry

-Windsor Canning Company

-Windsor Collar & Cuff Co.

-Windsor Creamery

-Miscellaneous businesses - see Businesses - General info. (old and new businesses)

-Mill industries - see Mills

            -Movie Theaters

                        -Plaza Building - see also Houses - Broad St., 280-294


-Howes Brothers

-Restaurants and Hotels- (includes taverns, tea rooms, misc. restaurants)

-Bart’s Luncheonette

-Old Homestead - see Houses - Broad St, 186, Capt. Roger Newberry

-Windsor House Restaurant/Hotel - see also Houses - Broad St., 219

-Retail Stores


-Hooker and Chaffee

-Ship Building

-Stained Glass

-Telephone Co.


-Imperial Agricultural Corporation

-J. M. Brown Cigar

                        -Olds & Whipple

-Tobacco (3 folders)

                            -Tobacco growing supplies –see Businesses - Tobacco

-Tobacco Museum - see Museums - Luddy/Taylor Conn. Valley Tobacco Museum

-The Windsor Company

-Trucking – see Businesses - Livery and Trucking

-Warehouse Storage- see Businesses - Automobile Garages and Dealers - Liddle, J. M.

-Woodworkers, 17th century

California 49er’s (Windsor men who went to the gold fields)

Camp Britton (CCC)

Celebrations – see Churches - First Church in Windsor

            - see Connecticut, State of - Tercentenary 1935

- see Holidays

- see Shad Derby

- see Towns - East Windsor, CT for East Windsor Bicentennial in 1968

- see United States Bicentennial 1976

- see United States Centennial 1876

- see Windsor, Town of - Celebrations

Cemeteries -- see also House Tours - Biographies

-General information

-Archer Memorial Cemetery

-Connecticut Gravestone Network

-Elm Grove Cemetery (Poquonock)

            -Gravestones and Carvers

-Gravestone Preservation

-Old Burying Ground (Marshall Phelps Road, Poquonock)

-Palisado Cemetery

-Riverside Cemetery (East Street)

-St. Joseph’s Cemetery

-Veterans Memorial Cemetery

Census - see Windsor, Town of - Population and Census

Centennial, 1876 - see United States Centennial Celebration, 1876

Churches and Synagogues

-Archer Memorial AME Zion Church, Hayden Station Road

-Baptist Church, Rainbow

-Christ the King Lutheran Church, Park Avenue

-Congregation Beth Ahm, Palisado Avenue

-Elm Grove Chapel, Poquonock Avenue (Second School Society)

-First Church in Windsor, Palisado Avenue (3 folders)

-First Church, Meeting House

-First Church, Tercentenary Celebration, 1930 (2 folders)

            -First Parish Church, Dorchester - see Massachusetts

-Grace Episcopal Church, Broad Street

-Hayden Station Chapel, Hayden Station Road

            -Holy Temple Church of God in Christ

-Hopewell Baptist Church

-Poquonock Community Church

-Rainbow Baptist Church - see Churches - Baptist Church Rainbow

-Saint Gabriel Roman Catholic Church, Broad Street

-Saint Gertrude Roman Catholic Church, Matianuck Avenue

-Saint Joseph Church, Poquonock Avenue

            -Saint Mary Church, Windsor Locks

            -Sanctuary of Faith and Glory (formerly Blue Hills Baptist Church)

-Trinity Methodist Church, Park Avenue

-Universalist Church (Poquonock)

-Wilson Congregational Church, Windsor Avenue


Civilian Conservation Corps – see Camp Britton (CCC)

Clubs - see Organizations and Clubs and see also Clubs and Organizations Collection

Connecticut, State of – General History

-History (2 folders)

-Home Guard - see also Wars - World War I

-State Officials

-Tercentenary 1935

-Towns and Place Names

Connecticut River - see Rivers - Connecticut

Dams see also Mills

-Mill Brook



Dentists - see Horace Hayden family file and see also Health Care and Medicine

Dinosaurs in Windsor

Disasters - see Weather

Doctors - see also Health Care and Medicine and see also Businesses - Drug Stores

Drama/Dramatizations see also Organizations & Clubs - Windsor Jesters


East Granby, CT - see Towns - East Granby, CT

East Windsor, CT - see Towns - East Windsor, CT

Enfield, CT - see Towns - Enfield, CT

Faculty tax - see Windsor, Town of - Taxes

Farmington River - see Rivers - Farmington

Farmington River Power Company - see Dams - Rainbow

Ferries - see Transportation - Ferries

Fire Companies-

-Hayden Station

-Poquonock Fire Company

-Wilson Volunteer Fire Department

-Windsor Fire Company

First School Society - see Schools - General Info. and Organizations & Clubs - First School Society

Fishing - see also Shad

Floods - see Weather

Founders of Windsor, Their Trades & Occupations - see Windsor, Town of - Taxes

Freedom Trail - see Black History - CT Freedom Trail

“From the Steeple” columns by Ted Anderson see Windsor, Town of - History

Granby, CT - see Towns - Granby, CT

Gravestones - see Cemeteries


Hayden Station - see Windsor - Hayden Station

Health Care and Medicine - see also Doctors

Highways - see Roads and Highways


            -Armistice Day, Columbus Day



            -Memorial Day

            -Valentine’s Day

House Tours

            -Biographies for House Tours and Cemetery Walks

Houses and Structures listed by address

            -see also Houses, by Family name

-see also Houses - Old Windsor Houses (lists of old houses)

-see also Roads and Highways

-Batchelder Road, Loomis Chaffee School Campus

            -Bloomfield Avenue, 52, Eugene Fox    

-Bloomfield Avenue, 74, F. L. Ford

            -Bloomfield Avenue, 777, Czkildi

-Broad Street, 152, Bower house

-Broad Street, 153, Old Academy Building

-Broad Street, 164-166

-Broad Street, 175, Snelgrove Family

-Broad Street, 181

-Broad Street, 186, Captain Roger Newberry, “Old Homestead”

-Broad Street, 192-194, “Murphy Building”

-Broad Street, 193-199, W.H.H. Mason

-Broad Street, 208, Col. James Loomis

-Broad Street, 219, Eagan Family, Windsor Hotel

-Broad Street, 241, Horace White House

-Broad Street, 250

-Broad Street, 253, Henry Clark and Dr. Aaron Pratt

-Broad Street 254, Isaac Hayden

-Broad Street, 260

-Broad Street, 261, John Luddy House, Chamber of Commerce

-Broad Street, 271, (Charles E. Mahoney house razed for new Town Hall)

-Broad Street, 275, H. Sidney Hayden

-Broad Street, 276, Filley Family

-Broad Street, 280-294, Plaza Building   

-Broad Street, 289, Henry Huntington, now Huntington House                 

-Broad Street, 296, Clapp, Bryant, Bissell families

-Broad Street, 306, Mather, Allyn and Patterson families

-Broad Street, 323, Col. Oliver Mather

-Broad Street, 338 and 340, McDermott House

-Broad Street, 351

-Broad Street, 355, Ely House

-Broad Street, 380, Daniel Howard

-Broad Street, 390, John Moore

-Broad Street, 428

-Broad Street, 435-437

-Broad Street, 464, Edward Moore

-Broad Street, 491

-Broad Street, 512, Henry Halsey

-Broad Street, unknown address - Henry Allyn House

-Broad Street, unknown address - corner of Capen Street

-Center Street, 15, Blodgett house, Iola English

-Central Street, 25

-Cook Hill Road, 153, Tobacco Experiment Station

-Day Hill Road, 490

-Deerfield Road, 20, Lemuel Drake

-Deerfield Road, 45, Samuel L. Mills

-Deerfield Road, 70, Phineas Drake

-Deerfield Road, 92, Judge D.E. Phelps/Mary Phelps

-Deerfield Road, 119, Capt. Thomas Allyn

-Deerfield Road, 130, Rev. Frank V. Mills

-Deerfield Road, 148, Oliver W. Mills

-Deerfield Road, 177-179

-Deerfield Road, 184, Timothy Mills

-Deerfield Road, 245, Elisha Moore

-East Street, 32, Hathaway’s Store

-East Street, 102, Daniel Phelps

-East Street, 122, William Phelps

-East Wolcott Avenue, 80

-Elm Street, 18

-Elm Street, 31, William Loomis

-Elm Street, 37, Deacon John Moore

-Green Street, unknown address - Grimm house

-Hayden Avenue, 59-61, Col. James Loomis Family

-Hayden Station Road, 83, William Allen

-Hayden Station Road, 90, Hayden family

-Hayden Station Road, 93, Louis Allen

-Hayden Station Road, 101

-Hayden Station Road, 128, Captain Nathaniel Hayden

-Hayden Station Road, 162, John Hayden

-Hayden Station Road, 216

-Hayden Station Road, unknown address - Charles Howard house

-Hayden Station Road, unknown address - Leppens house

-Hayden Station Road, unknown address - Pomeroy house

-Hillcrest Road, 1 and 6 - see Brooks, Arthur F. and Roads and Highways – Hillcrest Rd.

-Laurel Avenue - see Houses - Windsor Heights and Brooks, Arthur F.

-Mack Street, 32, Charles Lewis house

-Mack Street, 35, built by Elisha Cook - see Houses - Moorlands, 2

-Maple Avenue, 14 - see also Fire Companies - Windsor

-Maple Avenue, 23-25, Dr. Newton S. Bell

-Maple Avenue, 56-58, Thomas Moore, Jr.

-Maple Avenue, 111

-Maple Avenue, unknown address

-Marshall Phelps Road, 25, Elijah Marshall

-Marshall Phelps Road, unknown address, Phelps house

-Mechanic Street, 33

-Mechanic Street, 55-69

-Moorlands, 2, Mack house (moved from Mack St.) and Elisha Cook

-Moorlands, 5, Dr. Alexander Wolcott and Warren Ball

-North Meadow Road, 5, Thomas Hayden

-North Meadow Road, 8

-North Meadow Road, 9, William A. Lovell

-North Meadow Road, 10, Elisha Strong, Jr.

-North Meadow Road, 14, Return Strong

-North Meadow Road, 20

-North Meadow Road, 36, Jonathan Alford

-North Meadow Road, 44, Capt. Samuel Cross

            -Old River Street, 374

            -Old River Street, 382

-Old River Street, 385, Lemuel R. Lord

-Orchard Lane, 1

-Orchard Road, 6, Christopher Miner Spencer

-Palisado Avenue, 76-78, Fenton

-Palisado Avenue, 96 - Windsor Historical Society, History of

-Palisado Avenue, 96 - Windsor Historical Society, Images of/artists

-Palisado Avenue, 96 - Windsor Historical Society, Images prior to 1960

-Palisado Avenue, 96 - Windsor Historical Society, Images after 1960

-Palisado Avenue, 96 - Windsor Historical Society, Publicity

-Palisado Avenue, 96 - Windsor Historical Society, Purchase of

-Palisado Avenue, 101, Rev. William Russell (2 folders)

-Palisado Avenue, 108, Dr. Hezekiah Chaffee (2 folders)

-Palisado Avenue, 115, Martin Ellsworth, Frederick Ellsworth, Dr. Pierson

-Palisado Avenue, 118, Capt. James Hooker

-Palisado Avenue, 124

-Palisado Avenue, 130

-Palisado Avenue, 143, Rev. Roscoe Nelson

-Palisado Avenue, 160, First Church Parsonage, Rev. Theodore Leets

-Palisado Avenue, 161, Jonathan Ellsworth

-Palisado Avenue, 204, Horace Hooker and Timothy Phelps

-Palisado Avenue, 209, Dr. Elisha N. Sill

-Palisado Avenue, 225, Dorson Drake

-Palisado Avenue, 235, Bell School, see also Schools - Bell School ­

-Palisado Avenue, 240 River Meadow Farm

-Palisado Avenue, 248, Elijah Mather, Jr.

-Palisado Avenue, 256, Elijah Mather, Sr.

-Palisado Avenue, 273, Alexander Ellsworth

-Palisado Avenue, 299, Joseph Rainey and Harriett/Hiram Thrall

-Palisado Avenue, 316, Horace Ellsworth           

-Palisado Avenue, 335, Ephraim Barker

-Palisado Avenue, 336, Jonathan Ellsworth

-Palisado Avenue, 345, Patrick Murphy

-Palisado Avenue, 362, Simon Chapman

-Palisado Avenue, 368, Eliakim Olcott

-Palisado Avenue, 375, Moses Mitchell

-Palisado Avenue, 390, Henry Magill

-Palisado Avenue, 398

-Palisado Avenue, 407, Taylor Chapman

-Palisado Avenue, 420

-Palisado Avenue, 480

-Palisado Avenue, 506, Martin Palmer

-Palisado Avenue, 531  

-Palisado Avenue, 546, Capt. Sam Stoughton

-Palisado Avenue, 560, John Hoskins

-Palisado Avenue, 597, John Gaylord

-Palisado Avenue, 602, Roswell Miller

-Palisado Avenue, 616, Capt. Samuel Allyn

-Palisado Avenue, 693

-Palisado Avenue, 694

-Palisado Avenue, 736, Keiley House and August Pouleur

-Palisado Avenue, 757, Benjamin Moore house

-Palisado Avenue, 773, David Ellsworth

-Palisado Avenue, 778, Oliver Ellsworth

-Palisado Avenue, 778, Oliver Ellsworth Homestead restoration

-Palisado Avenue, 900

-Palisado Avenue, 912, Josiah Bissell

-Palisado Avenue, 957, Isaac Hayden

-Palisado Avenue, 1022, Ebenezer Fitch Bissell (Bissell Tavern)

-Palisado Avenue, 1042

-Palisado Avenue, 1055, Alpheus Munsell

-Palisado Avenue, 1112

-Palisado Avenue, 1150

-Palisado Avenue, 1245, Nathaniel Hayden and Clapp family

-Palisado Avenue - Ellsworth Family Houses

-Palisado Avenue - Ellsworth Settlement/Settlement Hill

-Palisado Avenue, unknown address - David S. Rowland house

-Palisado Avenue, unknown address - Stoughton House/Old Stone Fort

-Palisado Avenue, unknown address - West Family

-Park Avenue, 341

-Pierson Lane, 25, Lt. Daniel Porter

-Pigeon Hill Road, 221, Eliakim Marshall

-Pigeon Hill Road, 280, Joel Palmer

-Pigeon Hill Road, unknown

-Pink Street at Hayden Station Road, Hayden Family

-Pleasant Street, 1, Jerijah Barber

-Pleasant Street, 27

-Pleasant Street, 40, William Shelton

            -Pleasant Street, 51

-Pleasant Street, 120, Walter/Sarah Wrisley

-Pleasant Street, 134, Inez Searle

-Pleasant Street, address unknown (next to 134), Norris Homestead - see also Norris family

            -Pleasant Street, 147

-Pleasant Street, 160, Rev. Theodore Leete and Wallace Wrisley

                -Poquonock Avenue, 35, Dr. Howard King

-Poquonock Avenue, 53-55, James/Osbert Loomis

            -Poquonock Avenue, 144 - see Mills - Warham’s Mill

-Poquonock Avenue, 193-195, Deacon Gillette and Clara Barber Wrisley

-Poquonock Avenue, 361

-Poquonock Avenue, 468, Julius Ransom

-Poquonock Avenue, 583

-Poquonock Avenue, 601, Cornelius Phelps

-Poquonock Avenue, 630

-Poquonock Avenue, 760, Joel Palmer

-Poquonock Avenue, 793, Davis Family

-Poquonock Avenue, 815, Job Phelps

-Poquonock Avenue, 1075, Grove Clark

-Poquonock Avenue, 1123, Warham A. Griswold

-Poquonock Avenue, 1207, Francis Griswold

            -Poquonock Avenue, 1227

-Poquonock Avenue, 1248, Eliphalet Ladd

-Poquonock Avenue, 1257, Moses Niles

            -Poquonock Avenue, 1290, Hezekiah Griswold

-Poquonock Avenue, 1297

-Poquonock Avenue, 1312, Phineas Griswold

-Poquonock Avenue, 1409 - see also Schools - Elm Grove

-Poquonock Avenue, 1414, Annie/Elihu Winchell

            -Poquonock Avenue, 1558, Edward Kernan

-Poquonock Avenue, 1580

-Poquonock Avenue, 1732

            -Poquonock Avenue, 1815, Poquonock Community Church Parsonage

-Poquonock Avenue, 1916

-Poquonock Avenue, unknown address, Deacon Gillett house

-Preston Street, 85

-Prospect Street, 37

-Prospect Street, 45

-Prospect Hill Road, 135

-Prospect Hill Road, 279

-Rainbow Road, 180

-Rainbow Road, 291

-Rainbow Road, 302

-Settlement Hill -see Houses - Palisado Avenue, Ellsworth Settlement/Settlement Hill

            -Stinson Place, 26, Job Drake 

-Violet Street, 15, John Marsh/Hezekiah Marsh

-West Street, 28, St. Casimir’s Lithuanian Society

-Wilson Avenue, Waterhouse Place, Eaton family

-Wilton Road - see Houses - Windsor Heights and Brooks, Arthur F.

-Wilton Road, 75

-Windsor Avenue, 195, Lory Drake house

-Windsor Avenue, 227, Elijah Barber

-Windsor Avenue, 253, Henry Wilson, Jr.

-Windsor Avenue, 512, Old VFW building

-Windsor Avenue, 546, Capt. Benjamin Allyn

-Windsor Avenue, 631-633, Fitch J. Allen (and Mills family?)

-Windsor Avenue, 682, T. L. Phelps

-Windsor Avenue, 846, Edwin D. Shelley

-Windsor Avenue, 860, George Bill

-Windsor Avenue, 881

-Windsor Avenue, 909, Annie Burton Loomis

-Windsor Avenue, 932, Dr. Daniel Mack

-Windsor Avenue, 949

-Windsor Avenue, 1006, George Warner

-Windsor Avenue, 1037

-Windsor Avenue, 1046, Charles R. Hart

-Windsor Avenue, 1053, Ira Loomis, Jr.

-Windsor Avenue, 1065, Benjamin Loomis

-Windsor Avenue, 1095

-Windsor Avenue, 1123, Thomas Eggleston

-Windsor Avenue, 1124, Theodore Curtis

-Windsor Avenue, 1173 William H. Harvey

-Windsor Avenue, 1174, Capt. Nathaniel Loomis

-Windsor Avenue, 1186

-Windsor Avenue, 1194

-Windsor Avenue, 1217

-Windsor Avenue, 1228, William B. Cary

-Windsor Avenue, 1244

-Windsor Avenue, 1255, George Wilbraham

-Windsor Avenue, 1256, Merle Whipple

-Windsor Avenue, unknown address (near 932, believed to be Hezekiah Mack)

-Windsor Avenue, unknown address, Seth Young House

-Windsor Heights and Windsor Terrace - see Brooks, Arthur F.

-Wolcott Avenue, unknown address, Louis Neher

Houses - Old Windsor Houses (lists of old houses)

Houses - Unknown addresses and owners/miscellaneous historic home information

Howes Brothers Collection - see Businesses - Photographers

Huntington House Museum - see Museums - Huntington House Museum and Houses: Broad St., 289


-Lithuanian Immigration to Windsor

Indians - see Native Americans

Inventors and Patents

Kidd, Capt. William - see Maritime History

King, Martin Luther Jr. - see Black History - General Information

Kings Island - see Towns - Suffield, CT

Libraries - see Windsor, Town of - Library

Lithuanian immigration to Windsor, CT -see Immigration

Liveries - see Businesses - Liveries and Trucking

Loomis Gang

Luddy/Taylor Connecticut Valley Tobacco Museum - see Museums - Luddy/Taylor Tobacco

Manufacturing - see Businesses - Manufacturing

Maritime History

Mary and John (ship) see also Towns - Popham, ME

            -Mary and John Clearinghouse

Massachusetts (includes First Parish Church in Dorchester) see also Towns – Northampton, MA

-Aptuxcet Trading Post 

-Plymouth Plantation

Masons/Masonic Hall   see Organizations and Clubs - Washington Lodge #70

Medicine - see Health Care and Medicine

Metropolitan District Commission (MDC) (includes Windsor Water Company)


Mills  - see also Dams and see also Businesses - Manufacturing


-Mill Brook Mill


-Portable Saw Mill (Fredus Case Stables)


Monuments - see also Windsor, Town of - Historic Markers

-9/11/2001 Monument – see Monuments - World Trade Center Tragedy 9/11/2001

-Bissell, Daniel

-Bissell Ferry

-Clark, Daniel

-Denslow Memorial Stone - see also Denslow family file

-“First English Settlement” Rock at Loomis Chaffee School Campus

-Founders of Windsor Monument, Palisado Green

-Grant Family Monument, Palisado Avenue

-Horace H. Hayden Monument

-John Mason Statue - see also Mason family file

-Loomis Fountain, Broad Street Green

-Ludlow, Roger

-Old Stone Fort Marker - see Houses - Palisado Avenue, unknown, Stoughton House

-Plymouth Trading House Marker, Broad Street

-William Hayden Memorial Stone

-Windsor Pilgrims Plaque - see Houses – Palisado, 560

-World Trade Center 9/11/2001

-World War I - Broad Street Green Eagle - see also Batchelder, Evelyn Longman

-World War I - Monument

-World War II - Deerfield (globe monument)

-World War II - Poquonock

-World War II - Roll of Honor and Veterans Pool

Museums - see also Organizations and Clubs - Windsor Historical Society

-Huntington House Museum

-Vintage Radio/Communications Museum

-Luddy/Taylor Connecticut Valley Tobacco Museum



-SummerWind Performing Arts Center (ADVO)

-The Wildweeds - see also Anderson, Al family file

National Register of Historic Places - see also Windsor, Town of - Historic District Commission

-Brick architecture in Windsor, 18th and 19th century

-Broad Street Green Historic District

-Palisado Avenue Historic District

Native Americans - see also Wars - Pequot War

Newsletters and newspapers - see Windsor, Town of - Newspapers


Oil City Power Station - see Dams - Rainbow

Old Newgate Prison - see Prisons

Old Stone Fort - see Houses - Palisado Ave., unknown address, Stoughton House/Old Stone Fort

Old Windsor Houses (Lists of) - see Houses - Old Windsor Houses

Olds & Whipple - see Businesses - Tobacco - Olds & Whipple

Ohio - see Western Reserve, Ohio

Orchard Road Water Association - see Metropolitan District Commission

Organizations and Clubs

-American Legion - Gray Dickinson Post, Broad Street

-American Red Cross

-A.O.U.W. Windsor Lodge

-Athletic Clubs - see also Sports

-Chamber of Commerce - see Windsor, Town of - Chamber of Commerce

-Chautauqua Association

-Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR)

-Descendants of the Founders of Ancient Windsor (DFAW)

-Eastern Star 


-Exchange Club

-Fife and Drum Corps

-First School Society (cares for Palisado and Riverside Cemeteries)

-FirstTown Downtown, Inc.

-Girl Scouts of America (GSA)

-Grange - see Organizations and Clubs – Windsor Grange #2

-Hartford City Guard Clubhouse

-Hayden Station Social Club –see Clubs and Organizations Collection

-Ladies Aid Society

-League of Women Voters

-Lions Club

-Masons/Masonic Lodge - see Organizations and Clubs - Washington Lodge No. 70

-Odd Fellows (IOOF), Palisado Lodge #23

-Old Newgate Coon Club

-Orpah Rebekah Lodge (No. 60 I.O.O.F)

-Palette and Brush Club

-Plymouth Meadow Country Club

-Poquonock Canoe Club

-Red Cross - see Hayden, Dorothy and see Organizations and Clubs - American Red Cross

-Rogue Detecting Society

-Rotary International

-St. Casimir’s Lithuanian Society

-Sgt. Daniel Bissell Fife and Drum Corps - see Organizations and Clubs - Fife and Drum Corps

-Spiritualist Society of Windsor - see also Thrall family file

-Tunxis River Canoe Club

-Unidentified groups

-Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW)

-Washington Lodge No. 70 (Masons/Masonic Lodge)

-Windsor Agricultural Society

-Windsor Art Center

-Windsor Business Men’s Association

-Windsor Choral Club

-Windsor Club - see Organizations and Clubs - Exchange Club

-Windsor Education Foundation

-Windsor Golf Club

-Windsor Grange #2

-Windsor Historical Society (5 folders)

-Windsor Horseshoe Club

-Windsor Jesters - see also Drama/Dramatization

-Windsor Library Association –see also Clubs and Organizations Collection

-Windsor Literary Association –see Clubs and Organizations Collection

-Windsor Lodge of Elks -see Organizations & Clubs - Elks

-Windsor Midget Pony Football Association

-Windsor Public Health Nurse Association

-Windsor Women’s Club

-Winpoq Fish and Game Club

-Woodland Club

-YMCA/YWCA - see Organizations & Clubs - Woodland Club

Palisado Green - see Windsor, Town of - Palisado Green


Parrish (film) - see Drama - “Parrish”


-General Information

-Keney Park, Windsor Avenue

-Northwest Park, Lang Road

-Pleasant Street Park

-Rainbow Park, Poquonock

-River Trail in Windsor Center

-Sage Park (includes Moore Park horse and car racing)

-Washington Park

-Windsor Meadows State Park

Patents - see Inventors and Patents

Paws for a Cause Fundraiser - see Organizations & Clubs - Windsor Education Foundation

Photography/photographers - see Businesses - Photographers

Pirates - see Maritime History

Plaza Building - see Houses, Broad Street, 280-294 and see also Businesses - Movie Theatres

Police Department - see Windsor, Town of - Police Dept.

Politicians - see Windsor, Town of - Town Officials and Politicians

Popham, Maine - see Towns - Popham, ME

Poor Farm - see Windsor, Town of - Poor Farm

Poquonock - see Windsor - Poquonock

Post Office - see Windsor - Town of - Post Office

Prisons - Old Newgate Prison


Public Safety Complex - see Windsor, Town of - Safety Complex

Race track (Horse racing) - see Parks - Sage Park and see Schools - Sage Park Middle School

Railroads - see Transportation - Railroads

Railroad Stations

-Hayden Station

-Windsor Center

Real Estate - see Businesses - Insurance and Real Estate


-Connecticut River

-Farmington River

-Farmington River Wild and Scenic Study

Roads and Highways (for streets and roads in general, not specific addresses)

-General information

-Backer’s Row

-Bissell Ferry Road

-Day Hill Road Area

-Hillcrest Road – see also Brooks, Arthur F.

-I91 (Hartford-Springfield Expressway)

-Matianuck Avenue

-Scarborough Road

-Windsor Avenue

Sage Park Race Track - see Parks - Sage Park


-General information

-Academy Building - see Schools – Union School and see also Houses - Broad Street, 153

-Bell School - see also ­Houses - Palisado Avenue, 235

-Board of Education

-Campbell School for Girls

-Chaffee School for Girls

-Clover Street School

-Deerfield School

-Elm Grove School

-Griffin School (11th District School)

-Hayden Hall

-H. Sidney Hayden School

-Hayden Station School (6th District School)

-John F. Kennedy School

-John Fitch High School

-John M. Niles (9th District School)

-Leland P. Wilson Junior High School

-Loomis Chaffee School

-Loomis Institute

-Oliver Ellsworth School

-Pigeon Hill School (4th District)

-Poquonock High School

-Poquonock School

-Rainbow School

-Roger Ludlow School (used as elementary/junior high school 1923-1955)

-Roger Wolcott School

-Sage Park Middle School

-Saint Gabriel’s Parochial School

-Stony Hill School


-Thrall School (8th District)

-Union School

-Warham School

-Windsor Education Foundation – see Organizations & Clubs - Windsor Educ. Foundation

-Windsor High School (in the Roger Ludlow building 1893-1922)

-Windsor High School

-Young Ladies’ Institute

Sculptures (outdoor) - see Monuments

September 11, 2001 - see Monuments - World Trade Center Tragedy 9/11/2001

Settlement Hill - see Houses - Palisado Avenue, Ellsworth Settlement/Settlement Hill

Shad - see also Fishing

-General information

-Shad Derby (3 folders)

-Shad fishing

-Shad hatchery

Slavery - see Black History - Slavery

South Windsor, CT - see Towns - South Windsor, CT

Sports - see also Organizations and Clubs - Athletic Clubs

Stoughton Fort - see Houses - Palisado Ave., unknown address, Stoughton House/Old Stone Fort

Streets - see Roads and Highways

Suffield, CT - see Towns - Suffield, CT

SummerWind Performing Arts Center - see Music - SummerWind

Taverns - see Businesses - Restaurants and Hotels - Taverns and Public Houses

Taxes - see Windsor, Town of - Taxes

Tea Rooms - see Businesses - Restaurants - Tea Rooms

Teachers - see Schools - Teachers

Temperance - see Prohibition

Terry’s Island - see Towns­ - Suffield, CT

Theatre - see Drama/Dramatizations

Tobacco - see Businesses – Tobacco and - see Agriculture

Tolland, CT - see Towns - Tolland, CT

Town Hall - see Windsor, Town of - Town Hall

Town Officials - see Windsor, Town of - Town Officials and Politicians

Towns - see also Connecticut, State of - Towns and Place Names

-Bloomfield, CT

-East Granby, CT

-East Windsor, CT

-Ellington, CT

-Enfield, CT (includes Enfield Society of Shakers)

-Farmington, CT

-Granby, CT

-Hartford, CT (2 folders)

-Manchester, CT

-Northampton, MA

-Popham, ME

-Scotland, CT - see Towns - Bloomfield

-Simsbury, CT

-South Windsor, CT (2 folders)

-Suffield, CT (Includes Terry’s Island and King’s Island)

-Tolland, CT

-Torrington, CT

-Union, CT

-Vernon, CT

-Wethersfield, CT

-Wilson, CT - see Windsor, Town of - Wilson

-Windsor Locks, CT


-Airplanes – see also Businesses – Airfields – Bradley Field


-Canals - see also Rivers

-Ferries (Bissell Ferry, Wolcott Ferry, and others)

-Horse-drawn vehicles

-Motor vehicles

-Railroads - see also Railroad Stations

-Trolley cars

Trees (includes the Charter Oak)

Trek, The - see also Windsor - Celebrations - 350th Anniversary

Trolley cars - see Transportation - Trolley cars

United States - Bicentennial Celebration, 1976 (2 folders)

United States - Centennial Celebration, 1876

United States - History - General information - see also Wars

Vernon, CT - see Towns - Vernon, CT

Veterans - see also Wars

Vintage Radio/Communications Museum - see Museums - Vintage Radio Museum

Wars - see also Veterans

-Pequot War, 1637

-French and Indian Wars, 1750’s

-Acadian Exiles

-Revolutionary War, 1776

-War of 1812

-Civil War, 1861-1865 (2 folders)

-Spanish-American War, 1898

-World War I - see also Connecticut - Home Guard

-World War II - see also Businesses - Airfields - Bradley Field (for WWII German POW camp)

-World War II - Windsor News Letter for Men and Women in the Service

-World War II - Windsor Women’s Motor Corps

-Korean War

-Cold War

-Vietnam War

-Persian Gulf


-Blizzards, Blizzard of 1888

-Floods, Hartford, CT

-Floods, Windsor, CT



-Tornados, Tornado of 1979


Western Reserve, Ohio

Wethersfield, CT - see Towns - Wethersfield, CT

Wilson, CT - see Windsor - Wilson

Windsor Historic District Commission- see Windsor, Town of - Historic District Commission

Windsor Freedom Trail - see Black History - CT Freedom Trail

Windsor Historical Society - see Organizations and Clubs – Windsor Historical Society

Windsor Locks, CT see Towns - Windsor Locks, CT

Windsor Residents (miscellaneous people) -see folder located at the end of family files

Windsor, Town of

-Austin, TX (has streets named after some of Windsor’s streets)

-Broad Street Green (Bowfield Green)

-Celebrations: 300th Anniversary (Tercentennial, 1933) (2 folders)

-Celebrations: 325th Anniversary, 1958 (2 folders)

-Celebrations: 350th Anniversary, 1983 (3 folders) - see also Trek, The

-Celebrations: 375th Anniversary, 2008

-Celebrations: 200th Anniversary of United States Constitution, 1987

-Center (Windsor Center)

-Chamber of Commerce

-FirstTown Downtown

-General & misc. information

-Hayden Station

-Historic District Commission

-Historic Markers - see also Monuments

-History of (6 folders)

                        -Early Settlers

-“From the Steeple” by Ted Anderson – see First Church in Windsor Collection Box 2

-Maritime Trade – see Maritime History

-Reminiscences #1 and #2

-Library - see also Organizations and Clubs - Windsor Library Association


-Organizations and Clubs - General information and see also Organizations & Clubs

-Palisado Green

-Parks- see Parks

-Planning and Zoning

-Police Department – see also Windsor, Town of - Safety Complex/Public Works

-Poor Farm

-Population and Census

-Poquonock (2 folders)

-Tercentennial Celebration, 1949

-Post Office

-Probate Court

-Safety Complex (Bloomfield Avenue) and Public Works

-Senior Center/Community Centers

-Taxes (including Faculty taxes)

-Town Hall

-Windsor Center


-Town Officials and Politicians

-Water Company - see Metropolitan District Commission

-Wethersfield, CT /Windsor, CT - First Town controversy

-Wilson and Deerfield

-Windsor Center - see Windsor, Town of - Center (Windsor Center)

Windsor Water Company - see Metropolitan District Commission

Windsor Women’s Motor Corps - see Wars - WWII - Windsor Women’s Motor Corps

Witches see also Young family file and Gilbert family file

Women’s History

Woodworkers - see Businesses - Woodworkers, 17thcentury

World Trade Center Tragedy (September 11, 2001) - see Monuments - World Trade Center 9/11/2001

Wyoming Massacre- see Wars - French and Indian

Yokel William G. - see Businesses - Stained Glass




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