Windsor Historical Society Newsletter Archives

            The first issue of the Windsor Historical Society newsletter was published in December 1974. Director Bob Silliman began this quarterly letter to the membership by “courageously identifying this one as Volume 1, No. 1.” By 1983, the Society was putting out a four-page newsletter six times a year, full of stories of Windsor’s past, information about the Society’s collections, and descriptions of public programs and special exhibits. By 1988 it had expanded to an eight-page format that allowed for longer feature articles and photographs. In 2004 the Windsor Historical Society News returned to a quarterly schedule.

 Keywords in the newsletter index include personal names, geographic locations, specific objects in the museum and library collections, Society programs and exhibits, and topics of general interest. The newsletter offers an opportunity to explore the history of both the Windsor Historical Society and the town of Windsor. By checking the index, researchers may find that the question they have about Windsor history was written about in an earlier issue.

Back issues of the Society’s newsletter have been scanned and added to the website. These can be accessed from the home page or at Explore the newsletter frequently and freely, but please be sure to direct any questions about reproducing images or material to the Society’s curator or librarian.






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