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Connecticut Valley Tobacco
Lecture and Book Signing

October 13, 2016     7 PM to 8 PM

Nothing evokes the image of our valley region like a red tobacco shed covered in morning dew. A common rite of passage for Windsor area youth a generation or so ago was a summer spent "working tobacco". The work was hard, but the pay was great! So please join us at Windsor Historical Society on at October 13 at 7 p.m. for a fresh look at tobacco growing in the Connecticut Valley, and for many, a trip down memory lane.


Author Brianna Dunlap, director of the Connecticut Valley Tobacco Museum, will share the history of our region's most iconic crop, from its early use by Native Americans to the impact of the reopening of Cuba in 2015. Dunlap will tell colorful stories of tobacco farmers and field hands, from West Indian migrant workers to high school and college students from across the East Coast – the people who made tobacco the soul of the valley. Serious labor and health issues are not overlooked.


Following Brianna Dunlap’s presentation, photographer Leonard Hellerman will show twenty to thirty of his favorite tobacco photographs and talk about what drew him to his subjects and how he framed them to create the finished images.


Books, featuring stunning photography by Leonard re available for $21.99 – a must for any coffee table or bookshelf! Dunlap and Hellerman will both be on hand after the program to answer questions and to sign copies of their book. 


$6 adults, $5 seniors and students, $4 members.

   photograph by Leonard Hellerman




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