Creative Challenge for Students, Grades 1-5 for Earth Month

Due April 15



Feeling creative and environmentally sensitive?  In honor of Earth Month, Windsor Historical Society issues an artistic challenge for children in grades 1-5.   That challenge:  create a piece of artwork out of recycled materials.  The artwork should be no larger than three feet tall and two feet wide.  Recycled plastic or glass bottles, scraps of newspapers or magazine, old calendars, string, buttons, egg cartons, broken crayons or pencils, soup can labels, packaging labels, snapped shoelaces can all be used  -- anything recycled from other uses.   Julia Baldini, Educator at Windsor Historical Society says, “I want kids to look around at everything they throw out over the next few weeks and see if they can make a piece of artwork out of it.” 

Art pieces should be dropped off at the Society by April 15th at 4 p.m.  Entries will be judged on their use of materials and creativity.  A winner will be selected on Friday, April 17th and will receive a gift basket of colonial items from the Windsor Historical Society’s store and a $10 gift card to Michael’s crafts.  A picture of the winning artist along with their entry will be featured on the Society’s website.





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