A Colored Man’s Constitution:  Emancipation and the Act of Writing

April 17       7 PM – 8 PM


Dr. Christopher Hager, assistant professor of English at Trinity College will share what he has learned from diaries, journals, letters, and other forms of writing that survive from “marginally literate former slaves” writing during the years of emancipation.  John Washington learned to read secretly by reading Harper’s Magazine and wrote a memoir in 1873.  An enslaved potter in South Carolina we know only as “Dave” scratched lines of poetry in the clay pots he made.  Other materials have surfaced in attics of descendants of former slaves.  Hear some powerful words from those who were making the transition from slavery to freedom. COST: $6 adults, $5 seniors and students, $4 members.    For more information, contact the Society at 860/688-3813.



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