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The Polka Maestro

How many times a week do you drive over the Farmington River bridge on Palisado Avenue (Route 159) in Windsor? Have you noticed the bronze plaque that says “Ray Henry Memorial Bridge?”

The Road to the Creamery

What side was your bread buttered on? If you were living in Windsor around the turn of the 20th century, you probably would have answered "The side with the Windsor Creamery butter on it!" Never [...]

Remembering Sarah

They worked in the kitchen from dawn to dusk cooking three meals a day. They washed and ironed clothes, sheets, and towels. They mended socks and spun yarn. They emptied chamber pots every morning after [...]

Warham’s Mill

Corn. Wheat. Rye. Timber. At the corner of Poquonock Avenue and East Street, this is where residents of Windsor and the surrounding area brought their grain, logs, and tools for grinding, sawing, and sharpening for [...]

Meet the Howards

Here's an introduction to the residents of 96 Palisado Avenue in the year 1810: Captain Nathaniel Howard and his wife Ann, their daughter-in-law Nancy, granddaughter Annie, son George, and George's wife Sarah.

A Windsor Drum

The Brown family of Wintonbury parish in Windsor, now the town of Bloomfield, made bass, snare, and toy drums from around 1809 into the 1850s. Brown drums are well-known to collectors, scholars, and drum corps members.

John Mason and His Statue

In December of 2016, Windsor Town Council voted to exclude Mason’s statue from a list of monuments and burial places being assessed for restoration and there was discussion about whether the statue should remain [...]